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  1. Has anyone ridden the Pine Ridge enduro in Chadron NE on a KTM 300? I'm looking for some ball park jetting for my '05. Thanks, Forrest
  2. minioutlaw

    Another conversion

    After all this time, I still can't stop messing with this little bike... I've done some little things to the bike, like rebuild the intake; the first version located the carb a little too close to the frame for easy needle jet changing. And I added a new mounting plate using the former footpeg holes on the engine case. But then the engine blew up a couple of weeks ago, and I saw it as an opportunity for more major work. The double cradle frame design hasn't been ideal. It places the engine mounting bolts in shear, and I have broken a couple of them, although the new mounting plate helped a lot in that regard. But I kept thinking that if I did it again, I would build more like DMC does, with the engine mounts bolted right to the frame, and the cradle underneath. Well, after I pulled the motor, I sucked up and got to work: I think I should have done this the first time. It was much, much easier than the complex bends I used before, and I think it will be stronger. I hope to have the engine rebuilt soon to test that theory.
  3. minioutlaw

    Takegawa carnage

    I talked with Takegawa, who were very prompt and polite, as usual, and they suggested over rev, too. I wasn't actually riding the bike when it happened, and even before I heard from Takegawa, I suspected over rev. Bummer; what a dumb way to destroy an engine. Thanks for the info.
  4. minioutlaw

    Takegawa carnage

    That's good to hear. I'm conflicted right now; I built my conversion around the Takegawa parts, and I'm hesitant/too lazy, to rebuild my intake and exhaust. I really liked the engine when it was running, I just don't want to pay good money for something that has a habit of eating itself. A piston I can justify buying every 60 hours - a new head, however... Out of curiosity, what weight oil are you running?
  5. minioutlaw

    Takegawa carnage

    The motor had fairly low hours, but all of them were hard hours, spent racing. 30-40 hours? Compared to stock, the low end loses a little grunt, but not as much as I thought it might. It has a decent low, good middle, and picks up on top when the stock set up has since signed off. I really liked the way it ran, until it stopped running.
  6. minioutlaw

    Takegawa carnage

    Man, I'm having trouble finding any of the stuff you guys are giving me. Is PRC Precision Racing Components? I found their website, but couldn't find a head, just porting services. I'm finding it's going to be cheaper to buy a new head than to repair what I have now. Thanks for the help, and if I got the website wrong, correct me.
  7. minioutlaw

    Takegawa carnage

    Thanks for the info. You haven't had any problems with it? Where did you get it; I can only seem to find it in a kit from Classic Honda with piston, cylinder, cam, etc.
  8. minioutlaw

    Takegawa carnage

    Thanks for the reply. Have you used the Kitaco? Is their head any good?
  9. minioutlaw

    Takegawa carnage

    I've been racing the conversion whose creation was documented here. I've been reasonably happy with my results as far as the chassis, and the engine, upgraded with the Takegawa 115cc piston/cylinder and Superhead has been a strong runner. Until... Forgive my amateur photography; in case it isn't clear, I dropped a valve, which then embedded itself into the piston. Pretty impressive, really. Where do I go from here? The cylinder and cam/followers etc, seem to be fine. I don't think the bottom end was affected. I have talked to a guy who endurance raced an XR with the same Takegawa kit, and had the same results. I don't think I want to replace the pieces with more Takegawa, and like a fool, I sold my stock parts. Any suggestions for new parts? Especially the head; does anyone other than Takegawa make an aftermarket head for the XR100? Is the TB cylinder/piston reliable? The only upside of this is that, while the bike is apart, I'm going to redo the frame, applying what I learned the first time.
  10. minioutlaw

    50 vs 70 exhaust

    Is removing the spark arrestor screen reversible? I seem to remember cutting a screen out somewhere along the line.
  11. minioutlaw

    50 vs 70 exhaust

    Thanks for the info. The motor isn't stock, and the stock 50 pipe is too restrictive. I don't mind losing a little top end for less noise. Thanks again.
  12. minioutlaw

    50 vs 70 exhaust

    Does the stock exhaust from a crf/xr 70 allow more flow than the stock exhaust from a crf/xr 50? I'm tired of the noise my FMF makes, and want to go more stealth, so I'm thinking of adapting a 70 exhaust to fit my 50. Provided the pipe diameter is actually bigger. Thanks for the info.
  13. minioutlaw

    Cr85-XR100 conversion?

    So were the rest of us when we started our conversions. I learned as I went, and it turned out pretty ok. Don't let a little ignorance get in your way if you really want to build the bike.
  14. minioutlaw

    cr80 conversion tank mods

    I just warmed mine up with the heat gun, and used a short piece of tubing to roll the shape I wanted into the tank. It's really easy to put too much heat into the plastic; it will both burn and melt if you aren't careful.
  15. minioutlaw

    My CR/XR Conversion, Part 1

    You could use a Uni or K&N, and it would make things easier. My thought process was that, in comparison to the frame, modifiying the intake was pretty easy; the little details really make the bike.