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  1. reluctant to do anything to bike yet,see if dealer will sort it first,hes only had it 3 weeks,n only ridden it a couple of times:foul: thanks for all replies,and,yes it was my first posting,but as my 450x has never let me down,and questions can usually be answered by reading past posts,ive had no need to post bs:excuseme:
  2. many thanks for replies:applause: that earth wire could be a possibility,hes had trouble with lights recently,working/not/staying on.ill post results of stripdown:cry:
  3. friend of mine has got half way home tonight,engine misfired,started to stall,pulled in clutch,engine stopped.pulled over,tried to start on button,no go.tried kick start....solid.oh oh?i picked him up with trailer,got bike home,tried again...it started!plenty of oil in engine n gearbox,coolant level ok:confused: any suggestions appreciated.he only got bike 3 weeks ago,used from a honda dealership:eek: so unsure of warranty at moment.
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