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  1. I was changing the timing on my 00 WR and zip tied the chain to the intake sprocket. When I cut it loose I cut through both sides of the zip tie and the loose piece fell down the cam chain tower. My blood pressure went to the moon! I duct taped a small hose to my shop vac and sucked it out. ------------------
  2. Budsboy

    12 Volts DC for my GPS?

    Has there been any discussion on this site as to how to get 12 volts DC out of my 2000 WR? All I want to power is my GPS. Thanks for the help ------------------
  3. Budsboy

    Mi. Bike Conversions

    The headlite has to have a hi and lo beam plus an indicator light to let you know the hi beam is on. Mine does not and the police officer didn't care. But who knows? ------------------
  4. Budsboy

    Places to ride in MI

    Yes you will need an ORV permit, also understand that state land is closed unless posted open - license plates open up your riding area a bunch. ------------------
  5. Budsboy

    Places to ride in MI

    I live in the Gaylord area and am going on my second WR400. The trail riding here is truly amazing. Alot has to do with the snowmobile trails that are so well maintained. Get a good topo map and look at Lewiston and Petoskey. The trails from Gaylord to those destinations are the best. There is a new bike shop in Gaylord,(Extreem Powersports), that is the largest and best stocked shop north of Detroit. ------------------
  6. Budsboy

    DRZ400E looking pretty good now

    Hey Adam - I know of a track in Northern Michigan where you could gather enough Suzuki 400 parts to pretty much build one of your own. You may need to buy a clutch lever or something but most everything else is there.If interested email me and we can head over there with a rake and gather it up.