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  1. jonr3

    Heated hand grips

    What kind of gloves are you using? I'm trying to find some heated ones that are really thin...
  2. GPI from eBay for my 04 CRF450R and 01 KTM 200EXC. Bolted right up and have had no problems over the last 3 years since installed.
  3. jonr3

    Changing fork seals

    Rocky Mountain had a "rebuild" kit that I used that included bushings, o-rings, oil seals, and dust seals. It would also be a good time to swap fork springs if you need to go softer or stiffer...
  4. jonr3

    Changing fork seals

    Even though I've rebuilt bikes from the ground up, I have always been scared of trying forks. That is until I paid a mechanic to rebuild the forks on my '01 200 EXC. He put in twice as much oil so the first jump I had about 1" of wheel travel. My arm still hurts! Just a couple of weeks ago, I decided to try changing springs and redoing the fork seals that were just about shot. Piece of cake! The only special tools I needed were the seal driver and and the fork oil measuring tool - both cheap and available from about anywhere. I watched Slavens' video and these 2 videos. It was quick and easy and my forks have never felt better and don't leak a drop of oil.
  5. jonr3

    2005 Coolant in frame mod

    Good advice. Thanks!
  6. jonr3

    2005 Coolant in frame mod

    It seems like adding "hydraulic" to my internet search string did the trick. Found some right away and should be here in a couple of days. Thanks!
  7. jonr3

    2005 Coolant in frame mod

    High comp piston + 100-degree temps + 90% humidity + tight single track mountain trails… all add up to boil overs for me. And at $40 a gallon, Engine Ice is too expensive to leave on the ground. I have the turkey baster mod and it works great, but I would just as soon not have it hanging off of my radiator hoses. The frame mod looks much cleaner.
  8. jonr3

    2005 Coolant in frame mod

    Where can I get the 90 degree fittings? I've only been able to find them with a 3/8" hose barb which is too big of diameter for the overflow hoses.
  9. jonr3

    Just ordered a Lectron 36mm for my 250 XC-W

    I got tired of dicking with my stock carb on my 200 EXC and installed a Lectron. One of my better decisions. It works flawlessly - 30 degrees to 85 degrees makes no difference. Very smooth, yet very responsive. You won't be disappointed.
  10. I'm putting my 2001 200 EXC back together after the spacer broke on the centrifugal timer and I don't remember (or know) which way to install the 2 cup washers. (schematic attached) Do they go on with both large beveled edges together or, do they go on with both small ends together? THANKS!
  11. Found it! It was the spacer bushing for the centrifugal timer. That could explain the bogging and a piece of it must have got caught up in the kickstart mechanism. Thanks!
  12. I built my 2001 200 EXC and finally got it dialed in last week. Took it out yesterday to try it out. Worked great until it felt like it was starting to bog down a little - the kickstarter was not returning to normal position and it felt like it was not disengaging after the engine started. I took the clutch cover off and everything looked normal except for I found 2/3 of a bushing or washer. I have no idea where it's supposed to go. I don't recognize it from when I put the engine together and I can't find it on any schematics for the kickstarter, clutch, power valve adjuster, water pump, or anything else on that side. It is 2mm thick, has an 8mm inside diameter, and a 12mm outside diameter. Any ideas where this thing goes or where it came from?
  13. jonr3

    Better carb for '01 200 EXC?

    I've received a few emails from Kelly (a distributor) and just talked with the owner at Lectron - both of which were very helpful and informative. I've watched a bunch of videos and have read a LOT of info - all great reviews for the Lectron. I also like how it is nearly immune to temperature and altitude changes as I ride all year round and at altitude changes of 3K feet or more. Just wish they weren't so expensive...
  14. jonr3

    Better carb for '01 200 EXC?

    I was up late last night reading about them. They sound awesome - better response, easy to tune, and no maintenance. Thanks!
  15. jonr3

    Better carb for '01 200 EXC?

    The idle screw is worn out, the float needle is shot, the slide needs to be replaced, one float is cracked, the choke needs to be replaced, and the carb housing looks like it's been through a war. After all of the money I've spent rebuilding this bike from the ground up, just looking for better options...