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  1. Placed was packed Sunday, word on the street it was packed Saturday too. Could be a combination that in was in junction with the D6 HENRIETTA MX CLASSIC SERIES which is getting really good turnout at the couple that I attented. Great day Sunday. Turnout link for Saturday but it doesn't look like it includes the XC timed events: http://live.tracksideresults.com/pagoda/class.asp?c=all&e=149 Track was prime. Only one complaint heard was the double option on the big uphill triple coming back towards the spectators, take off was steep and the landing was harsh because landing was still at an uphill angle. I dropped the air in my forks, softened C/R and took a stab a the XC course. Challenging and tight, some knarly sections, made it through with no falls surprisingly.
  2. revitup

    VP fuel to Pump Fuel and Tokyo Mods

    Looking at the some used 16-18 KX450Fs. Some were running VP Fuel and had the Tokyo Mods remapping. I don't plan on running VP but 92-93 pump gas. Will the bike still run properly on a different fuel or would the ECU have to be reprogrammed?
  3. Pagoda is one of my regular tracks I visit being only an hour away. Plan on being their Sunday. Great dirt, always tweaking the track for the riders, fun track with double options for us slower Vet riders ☺️, good dirt and good prep.
  4. revitup

    Frame issues on 16+ sxf's

    Just happened yesterday at a race in New Jersey. Coming up to a tabletop with a yellow flag, rider was pushing the V shaped bike, he appeared to be ok since he was pushing the bike. Not a KTM though, an older Honda 250 2-Stroke.
  5. revitup

    Ramps for lifted trucks?

    These are 8ft long 2" by 6" with RampArts on the ends. Orginally used for an older 4X4 Ford Ranger which was nice and low, worked great. Now have a F350. They work ok but not the best. I would like both parts to be wider for the taller truck. Still a little steep when walking up and the left flexes at bit (170lbs). I'm always trying to find little hills or mounds at track to lessen the grade
  6. Then you can use these... http://cheaptearoffs.com/Fox-Tear-Offs_p_20.html
  7. Touting the durability of the NV3500 Hightop...op must have one as a Moto van.
  8. Yes, empty the tanks. Our sewer cleanout is right by out house. We bought a macerator pump (Portable FloJet RV Waste Pump Kit) and do it at home. Just get a dedicated garden hose (I think was got a 3/4") and drain into your sewer cleanout. Drain the hot water too if sitting for long periods, that water will get nasty too. Replace the drain valve with this (Camco 11703 1/2" Water Heater Drain Valve) which makes it super easy. When done with the fridge, keep both doors propped open slightly till next use. Good luck!
  9. revitup

    Anyone re-sole their boots like this?

    No but see they are using SIDI soles, I had http://mxbootrepair.com/ do mine with the same soles. Same boot too.
  10. Thanks for all the comments. Anyone try the online yet? I checked the review out at http://racinggamesforum.com/media/monster-energy-supercross-the-game-full-review.1581/media Does look pretty cool.
  11. Yes, BF2, new maps are always good but the gameplay suffered. This is interesting because it says they can be used in the online mode I was looking at this when it first came out but lacked the supercross tracks. Wonder how many still playing this online now. Last update to it was June 2017.
  12. Anyone still playing the console games? A couple new releases coming out soon: 2/13/2018 https://supercrossthegame.com/ 3/27/2018 - next is called All Out https://mxvsatv.com/ I had a blast playing online with Unleashed and Untamed on the PS4. The online took a dive in Reflex, Alive. Never purchased anything after that which was Supercross and Encore. Right now I play the Mad Skills Motocross 2 on the iPad competing against two other regular challengers not to mention Fortnite and Battlefront 2 on the PS4. Hoping the Mx vs ATV series will be revived to its glory days come March.
  13. revitup

    AUS-X Night one results

    Ha! Great stuff. Here's the broadcast version https://www.mxlarge.com/2017/11/11/rc-vs-mac-video/
  14. revitup

    Rotella 15-40

    Three bikes 2001 YZ250F (2002-2006) - 5W40 (Synth - Blue) 2006 KX450F (2006-2013) - 5W40 (Synth - Blue) 2013 CRF450F (2013-Current) - 15W40 (White - Clutch side, Rekluse) - 5W40 trans side Never any issues. Changed every 5-10 hours.
  15. revitup


    Pressure washer, awesome orange from dollar store, exhaust plugs, wd40 after wash. Blue painters tape over air slots (put under practice stickers too, some track's stickers otherwise leave residue).