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  1. FastRides

    How to get into racing when you're older

    Rocker, The previous advice above is excellent, and you'll find a lot more similar info by searching on TT (I did the exact same thing years ago when I came to the same cross roads). Congrats on 1) getting bitten by the bug and 2) getting yourself a WR. Your story sounds very familiar to my own (I was 37 when I embarked on the same adventure in 2007). I had not owned a bike since the early 80s (a 1978 black and yellow YZ80 to be exact), but had done a good bit of mountain biking over the years and stayed fit. Well, about 2 months after riding someone else's KX450 for literally 15 mins (at my wife's suggestion!), I bought a brand new '07 WR, and was riding all the time and working on basic skills just like you're doing. Then a friend of mine introduced me to hare scrambles in northern Nevada. While initially very intimidating (races are normally 80-100 miles), they were abosultely a blast. I raced a full season until I had to PCS for the Navy back to Ca. HS had more appeal to me personally than MX and are arguably better suited to a WR (not that one can't race MX if so inclined). There's nothing quite like being on a start line with 80-100 people and waiting for the banner to drop (and becasue the classes are so well structured, it's a pretty level playing field). I think your mindest and approach will serve you well - finishing is the goal and having fun while you're at it. You'll have a steep learning curve, so don't let your age or lack of racing experience keep you from going for it. Again, congrats and best of luck.
  2. FastRides

    How to track Maintenance Intervals on WR450?

    FWIW, I do the same thing you do on all my bikes and keep detailed notes in the back of my owner's manual for each. For the WR, I've always used the trip B noting the mileage between oil changes, swing arm greasing, etc..... which works fine until you disconnect the battery or rollover the miles through a 1000 and have to add to the last interval (PITA). In retrospect, I'd do the hour meter. Btw, did you give the Flatland Racing bash plate a look?
  3. FastRides

    singletrack in Eastern pa?

    Sorry for the repost earlier, I didn't see the similar thread in progress when I did the initial search. Could someone expound on the quality of single track at the Lost Trails? I'm relocating to the area and not at all familiar with the challenges in riding in eastern PA. Any additional insights of what it's like would be great. I was spoiled - used to live in Nevada and had miles of BLM land that I could ride to from my house... I don't get the impression that it's like that in NE PA. Thanks for the help!
  4. FastRides

    Yamaha WR450F (2007)


    GREAT bike once properly set up. BRP sub mount/bar risers with Scott's stabilizer and Bonz Performance bar mounts, Cycra hand guards, Fastway Racing skid plate, IMS fuel tank, Dr. D full exhaust system, JD jetting kit.... and a bunch of other stuff I've long since forgotten spending money on.
  5. FastRides

    Yamaha WR450F 2007

    GREAT bike once properly set up. BRP sub mount/bar risers with Scott's stabilizer and Bonz Performance bar mounts, Cycra hand guards, Fastway Racing skid plate, IMS fuel tank, Dr. D full exhaust system, JD jetting kit.... and a bunch of other stuff I've long since forgotten spending money on.
  6. FastRides

    Light Weight Bar Risers?

    +1. Another suggestion for you, meb... I'm right at 6' and went with the BRP sub mount (with a Scott's stabilizer) with Bonz Performance bar mounts in combination with Cycra hand gaurds. Much more comfortable for long rides and the unique design of the Bonz mounts increases the structural integrity of the bars... ask me I how I know. Borders on bling, but I'm convinced I would have trashed several sets of bars and hand guards without 'em. http://www.bikebonz.com/images/sitebdy/purbdy/hgm/sm_hgm.htm http://www.bikebonz.com/images/sitebdy/purbdy/hgm/sm_hgm.htm
  7. FastRides

    Bash Plate for '13 WR450?

    http://www.flatlandracing.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=FR&Product_Code=24-40&Category_Code=24-Yam I raced harescrambles with this one in Nevada for a couple of years on an '07WR - very rocky, nasty terriroty. The Flatland Racing plate is pretty stout aluminum that has endured very well over time. It's less expensive than most other brands and you can change your oil easily without removing it by simply cutting up a used milk jug. To reduce vibration/noise, I cut small pieces of bicycle inner tube to insert between the frame and plate. Check out the pic on Flatland's website, the plate has guards that extend up on both sides to protect the pumps (which I duly tested several times in Nevada). It's excellent and well worth the $.
  8. FastRides

    Harescramble rules?

    Some very good advice here. I'll add a bit more. You'll hear a lot of folks say "ride slower to go faster". I did my first HS last fall in Nevada, have done 5 more since and this is one of the more important lessons to learn early. Those races are more on the order of 80 - 100 miles and 3.5 to 4 hours, but the concept is still valid here - if you wad up from pushing yourself too hard / fast or passing when you should be patient and waiting for the right line, you'll expend a LOT more energy picking up your bike and will completely ruin the riding rhythm you're in. Get the best start you can and try to relax / control your breathing throughout - sounds obvious, but when the adrenaline kicks in this becomes a bit more challenging and can also drain you of energy. Parting shot - have a good time. Do one and you'll quickly be hooked like everyone else you're racing with. Good luck!
  9. FastRides

    Bangtail divide to Ross Pass (montana)

    GREAT list - those pretty much define my "where I want to live someday" list... Thanks for posting the pics, CDM - awesome.
  10. FastRides

    Rear linkage - the horror, the horror...

    Wow... thanks for posting the pics - that first one reminds me why the work is well worth the effort. For those of you who haven't done this yet, there's more info and a couple of additional tips here: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=504328&highlight=lessons+learned
  11. FastRides

    OEM YZ Plastics - IMS Tank (06-08)

    I went w/ Acerbis for my IMS and also used the stock metal inserts from the WR shrouds - with a bit of tweaking they went on just fine. Not nearly as nice of fit as the stock shrouds along the radiator edges, but good enough. Color was slightly off too, but nothing a nice set of graphics won't fix.
  12. FastRides

    '08 WR450 - Tail Light Question

    Very informative, Mr. fitz - particularly for us "electron challenged" types who are just starting to research this DS conversion stuff. Thanks for posting. If / when I go down this road, I'll be leveraging off of that 34 years!
  13. FastRides

    YZ Fork on 07 WR 450

    Makes sense to me and I've felt that a few times now that you mention it - just figured it was standard play. Does the speedo cable / axle stuff align ok on the 07 YZ forks or is modificication required to run the odometer? Thanks for the info, Josh.
  14. FastRides

    YZ Fork on 07 WR 450

    Hey Jeff - first off, I'm glad you didn't bust your grape at Salt Wells a couple of wks ago - pretty gnarly course for sure. I'm wondering what it is about the WR forks that is so bad / what it is about the YZ forks that is such an improvement? I'm not mad fast like you and your bro and am new to desert racing, so maybe I just don't know the difference / don't need the upgrade (I'm a 165lb rider)?? Just curious. Thanks and we'll see you at Wendell.... Take it easy, Mark
  15. Greg, I just did this maintenance on my 07 too b/c it was starting to stick. Matt is exactly correct - you'll find a small hole with a spring in it. The ball goes in that hole on top of the spring. Tip - I found a light coat of grease was plenty for this to operate smoothy (just cleaning it made it operate much better). Too much grease and it's loose like Suzy on prom night and wants to hang out all the time. Good luck. Mark