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  1. Had a bad crash and bent the lower triple clamp. I believe the upper clamp is fine but I do have a spare one I can use if need be so I really only need the lower clamp. The closest thing I can find on ebay is a set for an 01-02 RM250. I know in 04 they switched to showa forks, so Im not sure if the 01-02 clamps will work as those bikes had KYB. I know in 06 they switched the upper mount to 1" 1/8th bar mounts but I do have a good upper clamp. So im just wondering if the 01-02 lower clamp will work with the showa forks or if they changed the offset or anything like that? I notice they have different part #s when I look them up.
  2. rmzracer289

    13 rmz250- not impressed

    So I brought the bike to my suspension guy. From the start I have said something didn't feel right in the front end. The previous owner had just put new fork seas in it and the whole time all I could think is he messed something up or put the wrong amount of oil in them. Well... He sure did mess something up. We pulled the front wheel off and the lower end of the fork on the spring side just about fell out. He did nothing right and I'm lucky I didn't get hurt.
  3. rmzracer289

    13 rmz250- not impressed

    Thanks guys. How do you even get an accurate compression reading with the auto decompression?
  4. rmzracer289

    13 rmz250- not impressed

    Could valve clearance being out of spec cause a lack of power?
  5. rmzracer289

    13 rmz250- not impressed

    Hey guys I just recently bought a 13 rmz 250. I have owned nothing but Suzuki's my whole life. I went out and bought an 07 rmz250 the first year they came out and loved that bike... Never had a single problem with it. I did think the motor on it was a little under powered. I went back to two strokes for a while and then came across this bike and couldn't pass it up. I have to say I'm a little disappointed in it. It doesn't handle well- forks will not absorb breaking bumps, front end wants to plow through corners and wash out, but it bottoms out hard off of bigger jumps. Every Suzuki I've owned has always handled great, except this one. And on top of that, the bike lacks power big time. I know Suzuki 250f's have never been known to have strong motors but this is just bad. It has a yosh slip on, and the white (lean) coupler in it which the magazine tests seemed to think the bike made the most power with. I'm using VP vpr fuel... I know it won't increase power but at least I know I'm putting a quality fuel in it. It kicks over very easily (I know it has auto decompression) but still seems way too easy. I really think the motor is just tired. They say after about 30 hours the rmz starts to lose power. I doubt the motor has ever been apart so it probably just needs a piston. I rode my buddies 07 crf250 yesterday at the track and instantly knew something was up with this motor.... It had absolutely nothing on the crf... Not even comparable. Is there anything I can check that I'm missing? I'm going to race it this weekend even with these issues... Just to go out and try to have some fun but if anyone has any insight I'm all ears.
  6. rmzracer289

    RM250 Base gasket leaking

    A leaking right side crank seal would cause it (clutch basket side)
  7. rmzracer289

    2005 rm 125 torque spacer

    I think the vforce reed cage already has a built in spacer? You also need to fix your preload adjustment rings
  8. rmzracer289

    Suzuki: A dying brand?

    It seems like kawi, ktm, and Honda are the most popular and seem to be running the show. I'm not a Yamaha fan but they have a pretty big line up and it's awesome they still produce two strokes
  9. rmzracer289

    Suzuki: A dying brand?

    Yeah sorry I forgot to mention I was referring to motocross/supercross
  10. I'm a die hard Suzuki guy and I think they make some of the best bikes in the business. But, as of now they only sell the RM85, RMZ250, and RMZ450.... How can they even survive? They don't make any bikes for young riders, and the ones they do have, or had, (minus the drz70) were made by Kawasaki. I don't get why they would even sell another brands bike as their own... it makes no sense. And as far as pro teams go, no one is riding Suzuki and the don't even have a 250 team. I see this trickling down to the local level too. Suzuki's are rare- no one wants to ride a Suzuki because they don't see any top amateurs or pros riding them, and they don't offer the support most other brands do. I'll always ride Suzuki but it just seems like they do not care anymore.
  11. rmzracer289

    What are you 2 stroke guys using for trans oil?

    So what advantage do you gain by running the gear oil over the engine oil?
  12. Sent my motor out to PR2 to be modded and rebuilt. They called and said the gears in my transmission are worn. Apparently it is a common issue on RMs from everything I've read. I asked what they recommend for oil to help prevent this and the said they use redline gear oil. I looked it up and it's $18.00 a quart! I figured I would see what everyone was using for their transmission. I was using rotella T 15-40 mixed about 60/40 with mercon V ATF. I feel like a thicker oil, like gear oil, would be better for the gear box, but it might affect the clutch negatively?
  13. So let's say this guy comes up with a title, which he said he would try to get, would it really be that much safer to buy?
  14. There are so many bikes out there without titles it's insane. I will most likely pass on this one unless he can come up with the title.
  15. Hmm I've never once registered any of my bikes. The current bike I have I bought off a friend 6 years ago with no title or anything and I've had no issues