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  1. lotus54

    South Puget Sound winter men’s club: Wednesday riding

    That is the most North West Point. The most Western point is Cape Alava. (It is further west than Flattery, and also further South a few miles). You get to it by going to Lake Ozette, then hiking 3 miles out the ocean. There was an Indian village there that was complely buiried by a mudslide - it was excavated in the 60’s, with many artifacts at the museum at Neah Bay. Edit: I should have specified contiguous US- since obviously Alaska on on the continent and much, much further west.
  2. lotus54

    South Puget Sound winter men’s club: Wednesday riding

    Reno if I recall- but not by much. How about the most western point in the continental (contiguous) US? (I’ve been there)
  3. lotus54

    South Puget Sound winter men’s club: Wednesday riding

    Key west is around 24ºN South Point HI is about 18.9º N so South Point is definitely further south. Key west is continental US http://www.city-data.com/articles/South-Point-Ka-Lae-Naalehu-Big-Island.html
  4. lotus54

    South Puget Sound winter men’s club: Wednesday riding

    Yes- that is where I was thinking. I was only there for work (radio repeater very close to that) - cool spot! We were up on Mauna Loa a couple of days near 13k feet. Here is a video of my belly hooking a net. It was VERY windy and I didn’t know the pilot- AND I’ve never liked belly hooks anyway (ususally have done long lines, up to 320feet)
  5. I did the BYOB- I thought it was a pretty good deal, they didn’t charge for installation, just the parts (Of course full list on those). Plus I think they also made sure a good amount of grease on those parts needed (not really sure if it is done that well from the factory). I had suspension mods (lowered and K-9 cartridge) so they had all that off and everything I checked was well greased. Of course, if you can get a discount on parts and want to do the work then buying one off the lot makes more sense. I like doing the work, but it seemed to make more sense to just get what I wanted. (Of course first thing I did was pull it apart, change the tyre, take off factory plastics and just check things out)
  6. lotus54

    Craigslist Ad of the Day

    I recently saw an ad for a Sherco Trials bike- looked just like one a buddy had stolen. After contacting him, he contacted local police and got his bike bike (and the person had multiple felony warrants). It was well over a year ago (maybe two) that the bike was stolen- so keeping your eyes open can still help. Guess the bike was in pretty good conidition still.
  7. By the time I take the ferry, it is about 3 hours to my closest dealership. Unless I have a warranty issue, I doubt the bike will ever return there- although I can buy parts from him. Edit: I have two Betas, the 300 evo 4T I bought used, but if the great deal had not come up I was talking to the dealer about buying a new one from him.
  8. lotus54

    Ossa Explorer review

    So far I have not had any issues except some plastics.
  9. lotus54

    Pros and cons of 200RR, 250RR, and 300RR...

    Yes, if you are going quickly- I’m certainly the 200 would be much better. I think the XTrainer would be good on those at a moderate pace. And probalby better on the really slow stuff. At least for me, soft suspension works a lot better on the really slow; rooty, log hopping, pokey stick, slippery stick type stuff. Firmer suspension seems to just deflect on the little stuff when going slowly. (So do knobbies). BUT that is just me— I most certainly am not saying that is true for everything, or that I can ride for crap.
  10. lotus54

    Pros and cons of 200RR, 250RR, and 300RR...

    I think the suspension is just fine for what it is designed for. Works great for lower speed trails. So far for me- it is fine on quicker stuff also. But it is NOT a racer or made for racer speeds either. I had mine lowered and fit the K-9 fork kit from BYOB. I don’t know the K-9 is significantly better, but does allow some separate adjustment for compression/rebound. BUT- I am also actively trying to keep my speeds down and minimize the risks. I want to keep doing this and getting hurt just cuts into riding time way too much. (Don’t heal so fast anymore).
  11. lotus54

    Pros and cons of 200RR, 250RR, and 300RR...

    I rode my AJP 230 ‘Ultrapasser’ at Gifford. Putted right along, no issues at all. Even got killer fuel mileage. It was a great bike- I’m probably dumb (well...I guess I can cross out ‘probalby’) to have traded it in, but I was ready for something else to go with my Trials bikes. The main thing I didn’t like about the AJP was the engine response wasn’t that great. I was looking for a Beta evo 300 4T to install into it. I’ll bet that would be super fun. But I never found one and the bike is gone. Gifford was a lot easier than the stuff I normally ride- it was pretty fun (and a great group of guys). I didn’t particularly care for some of the exposure in certain spots. That didn’t both me in the past- but I think about things that can go wrong too much anymore. (I have a video of the ride, but not really appropriate in this thread I think). Riding all is still by far the best bet, but I know that may not be feasible at all.
  12. lotus54

    Pros and cons of 200RR, 250RR, and 300RR...

    No matter what you get- down the road a bit you will want something else. Believe me! (After over 50 years and 45+ bikes)
  13. lotus54

    Added Security for your Beta

    Great to have a ‘plug and play’ setup. If you wanted to build your own- getting any small key switch (hopefully rather waterproof) and just connecting to your kill button will do the job. When the key is OFF- the kill button IN line is grounded. When the key is ON, the circuit is open. Done correctly it wont’ Interfere with the kill button at all. Of course a ‘hidden’ toggle will to the same thing. But something in the open, so someone looking for a joy ride, sees a key switch may not try to mess with it.
  14. lotus54

    Pros and cons of 200RR, 250RR, and 300RR...

    It seems trying to get to one of the Beta demo days would be an excellent idea. I would suggest it all depends on your style and where you ride. Any will have plenty of power for trails (leave the ‘desert’ and ‘sand dunes’ out). Especially a lighter person can really cook on a 200 if they want. I have not ridden the Beta 200, I know the GasGas 200ec I owned for awhile had quite a bit of top end power. But the low end was not what I wanted. I even did mods to help it, but still was not what I wanted when in the really tight/slow stuff. When I mean ‘tight woods’ I’m talking 1st gear slipping the clutch, 1mph average type stuff. Full lock and pivot turns, logs, slow/tight hills etc. A buddy rides a 200 KTM (newer one) in that stuff and does great. But also has gotten pretty darn good clutch control and squishy tyres. A 300 is nice in that sort of thing- as long as you don’t ‘whiskey throttle’ it someplace and end up in a tree. I darn near did that one time on my KTM 300. I like lugging now, not trying to go fast (rather trying NOT to go fast). But again, I think it very much depends on your style, choice of tyres and places you ride. The 300 could perhaps be the most versatile- since with minor changes you can change how it responds pretty easily. BUT I have not ridden any of those (I do have a 300 XTrainer) and just tossing some ideas out there to (perhaps) help you pick through what others have found that works.