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  1. fatchellparty

    Cutting stock 07 silencer?

    I've done it man it's simple and just a touch louder, no real change in power. Cut the can of the silencer from the bottom it's easier to drill the holes the bolts go in as opposed to drilling holes and re-riveting the end cap, and you'll have to cut the packing and the inner tube, as well a couple slots have to be cut in the inner tube at the end so it's small enough to fit into the end cap as the full inner tube is tapered if that makes any sense to you lol. Start by cutting about 5 1/2" off the can and work the core until it fits, good luck.
  2. fatchellparty

    00 yz250 bad vibration after jumping?

    Check your motor mounts
  3. fatchellparty

    Frame Paint

    I did mine on my 03 KX 250 with spray on bed liner and now 4 years and 2 owners later it is just starting to chip off the bottom. make sure you prime first and then let the final coat of bed liner dry for a week or so and it will be very strong. And unlike normal paint when it gets scuffed up just spray some tire shine or armor all and it will look like new again. It is really thick though so make sure to tape off all the threads well. And for added durability get some clear vinyl to stick on over where your boots rub and it'll look good for years.
  4. fatchellparty

    broken axle block, can not loosen wheel , please help

    How about take a pair of vice grips and put one jaw in the hole in the axle bolt and clamp the other jaw down really tight to the back of the axle block then try the impact wrench, in my experience all you need is just something to hold it that little bit to pop the nut off with a impact wrench.
  5. fatchellparty

    Stuck countersprocket bolt

    put the bike on a stand put it into first gear, then stand on the pegs while applying the rear brake and either take it off yourself of have someone help you out
  6. fatchellparty

    Can you get a ticket for..?

    Deal with this all the time in my town, bottom line is, every time your on the road you run a risk of getting a ticket, seems as if cops around here have very skewed views on the laws of dirtbikes on the roads or shoulders of the road. Some officers around here have their own bikes and wont take a second glance at you crawling down the road, even wave to you, while other ****head officers will throw the book at you just for having your bike off your property. My advice is just take it slow and hope for the best, its what I've been doing for the past 4 years, goodluck.
  7. fatchellparty

    It's gonna be fun diggin' this screw out...

    I always use a phillips attachment for a 3/8th inch drive ratchet and it comes out first try every time, JMO.
  8. fatchellparty

    1997 YZ250 Starts but dies within 5 seconds

    New plug and check the jetting?
  9. fatchellparty

    UPS shipping rant

    hahaha, I thought I would be the first to comment on how terrible UPS is for shipping things across the boarder to Canada. 2 times I have dealt with them and both times I was over a month waiting for the package to arrive, if they don't loose it or ship it to the wrong address they hold onto it and wait for me to call to pay money so they can "release" it. Here is the most recent one of a intake I ordered for my car. ST. JOHN'S, NL, CA 06/07/2010 9:17 DELIVERED ST. JOHN'S, NL, CA 03/07/2010 9:28 THE ADDRESS IS IN A REMOTE AREA AND DELIVERIES ARE NOT MADE DAILY ST. JOHN'S, NL, CA 02/07/2010 9:02 THE PACKAGE WAS NOT DISPATCHED ST. JOHN'S, NL, CA 30/06/2010 3:26 MISSORTED TO AN INCORRECT LOCATION ST. JOHN'S, NL, CA 29/06/2010 7:35 CONTACT UPS FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ST. JOHN'S, NL, CA 28/06/2010 7:46 CONTACT UPS FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ST. JOHN'S, NL, CA 25/06/2010 7:37 CONTACT UPS FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ST. JOHN'S, NL, CA 24/06/2010 7:39 CONTACT UPS FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ST. JOHN'S, NL, CA 23/06/2010 7:47 CONTACT UPS FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ST. JOHN'S, NL, CA 22/06/2010 14:08 CONTACT UPS FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ST. JOHN'S, NL, CA 21/06/2010 17:06 CONTACT UPS FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION DIEPPE, NB, CA 17/06/2010 11:30 ARRIVAL SCAN LACHINE, QC, CA 16/06/2010 22:18 DEPARTURE SCAN 16/06/2010 22:05 DEPARTURE SCAN 16/06/2010 16:55 IMPORT SCAN 16/06/2010 15:16 ARRIVAL SCAN 16/06/2010 10:29 PACKAGE DATA PROCESSED BY BROKERAGE. WAITING FOR CLEARANCE / RECEIVER'S CUSTOMS BROKER HAS BEEN ASSIGNED. THE SHIPMENT IS NOW RELEASED TO MOVE IN TRANSIT 16/06/2010 7:50 REGISTERED WITH CLEARING AGENCY / SHIPMENT SUBMITTED TO CLEARING AGENCY 16/06/2010 7:50 REGISTERED WITH CLEARING AGENCY E. SYRACUSE, NY, US 15/06/2010 4:30 DEPARTURE SCAN 15/06/2010 2:31 ARRIVAL SCAN LACHINE, QC, CA 10/06/2010 8:08 PACKAGE DATA PROCESSED BY BROKERAGE. WAITING FOR CLEARANCE LOS ANGELES, CA, US 10/06/2010 3:17 DEPARTURE SCAN LOS ANGELES, CA, US 09/06/2010 22:30 ARRIVAL SCAN BALDWIN PARK, CA, US 09/06/2010 21:57 DEPARTURE SCAN 09/06/2010 21:14 ORIGIN SCAN 09/06/2010 17:06 PICKUP SCAN US 09/06/2010 19:58 BILLING INFORMATION RECEIVED It goes from bottom to top, where it was stuck in St. Johns for several days is where I had to personally contact UPS and pay the fees in order to get it, i`m sure they would have been quite content to let it sit there for as long as possible. Just thought I`d share my experience with UPS
  10. fatchellparty

    YZ250 Reed cage and carb boot, possible porting option??

    I don't know what it looks like on a 250 but on my 01 125 I knife edged the middle part and made it slightly larger, don't know if it did anything positive because I did several other things to the bike at the same time, but it definatly didn't make it run any worse, I'd give it a try!
  11. fatchellparty

    yz 125 rads

    Wow lots of people with 01 125's haha same bike I just picked up and restored.
  12. fatchellparty

    2001 YZ125: Recognize this part??

    The white plastic washer goes on the drain plug I believe, the rest must be internal engine seals. I have the same bike and just stripped everything down minus splitting the cases and the white plastic piece is the only one i recognize.
  13. fatchellparty

    Swingarm/Linkage freeplay?

    Yeah I believe I narrowed it down to the center bolt in the triangle piece oh well guess its time to replace them.
  14. fatchellparty

    Swingarm/Linkage freeplay?

    Thanks for the quick reply, so you notice no free-play what so ever with just the swingarm and linkage assembled to the bike? And believe me I am no stranger to shitty linkage bearings, I used to own a KX and the lower shock bearing had to be inspected weekly on that beast. Even with all new bearings in the KX there was still a small amount of movement just wondering if the YZ was the same way.