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  1. ForDRTnST

    What did you do to your pig today?

    Actually, yes they will fold either forward or backward depending on impact? I got a little criticism on how small they were. But like all blind spot mirrors,they are designed to warn you of a vehicle in your blind spot. I was surprised on how little they vibrate as compared to the folding mirror that I had before. Not to mention how inexpensive they were,roughly three to five dollars at your local auto parts store. They are wide-angle convex type mirrors, you may not be able to read a license plate with one, but at least it will give you a wide field of vision of what's beside and behind you.
  2. ForDRTnST

    What did you do to your pig today?

    I added some custom little mirrors to my spoilers and got rid of the floppy folding acerbis mirror.
  3. ForDRTnST

    Show your PIG

    New to me!!!
  4. Does anyone know if you can do the KLX300r ACR mod on a KLX650R?, I am thinking of buying a KLX650R and this is one of the best mods I did for my KLX300R!.
  5. ForDRTnST

    KLX 650R Head Damage

    Since you are on the subject?? Does anyone know if you can do the KLX300r ACR mod on a KLX650R?, I am also thinking of buying a KLX650R.
  6. I Just remembered:bonk: I rebuilt a multivalve engine and I accidentally lifted the shim bucket and the shim fell out of place:banghead: 0 valve clearance. I think that is what happened to you? Luckily I hand cranked the engine before starting and remeasured the valves, you may be able to save the valve, if you have access to a valve machine. Otherwise I would just replace it. Sorry about your mishap.
  7. I just re-shimmed my valves this weekend and I have never heard the ACR make a noise like that? You better recheck the chain timing, count the links and make sure that the ACR is fully functional? Not Binding.. Good luck! Great Video!
  8. ForDRTnST

    KLX250s engine skips a beat

    I had a similar problem on light acceleration, changed the spark plug and WA-LA! that took care of it! By the way?? How do you like the 340kit? I have had this bike for roughly 9 years now with no major problems, but after riding with some of the newer bikes, ie: ktms/450/690/950 Mine is lacking in the power dept. only in deep sand:foul: Everything else, this bike gets the job done! I am scared that if I go to a KLX450r that I may regret it? My 300r is Like a good old pair of broken-in boots.
  9. ForDRTnST

    Race tech springs on 300?

    Gotta love it! My old springs had so much sag, that they bottomed constantly. Now the bike feels totally new, has a new riding stance/posture and braking/handling performance is improved! Not as much dive what so ever. I always keep a suspension gauge on the left fork tube, just to keep tabs on how much travel I am using..that way I can fine tune the dampening, to my riding style. Just use a small zip-tie loosely attached around the lower tube. After replacing the old springs and leaving the compression settings the same... the marker now stays in the middle of the stroke. Before it would nearly always go to the bottom. The bike now feels like it is riding on top of the terrain rather than filling in the bumps, if that makes any sense?
  10. ForDRTnST

    What is the Tallest Gear?

    Thanks Guys! I think I will just stick with the 14/47 package and lay low on the speed...just trying to keep up with the KLR riders on the in between sections. Still looking for a XRL650l for the work commuter.
  11. Anyone? Know what the tallest gear you can run on the highway, without affecting power? I tried 15/47 seems a little high/buzzy at 75mph. I think I will connect a tachometer and see what kind of RPM the engine is doing...unless someone has some of that info?
  12. ForDRTnST

    KLX 300 dualsport?

    I would have to say YES! 30,000 Miles on the clock..and still ticking! On my 3rd set of valves, That means roughly 10K per valves..2nd piston/Weisco showing no wear...Just waiting for intake valves to arrive so I can get back on the road,
  13. ForDRTnST

    HELP!! XRL or XR

    You hit it right on the NAIL!