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  1. xlntryde

    Toy line up

    thats what i was thinking but wasnt sure about having that weight all thr way in the rear..
  2. Have a 7x16 V nose enclosed trailer. Looking to haul 2-3 bikes and 2 trx 250 4 wheelers. Would you guys suggest the 2 4wheelers up front bikes in bike or visca versa? Any have picks of thwre set ups. I got 2 L tracks down the side for now debating on adding another L track down the center?
  3. xlntryde

    125 to 250?

    well let me know when you go to sell it
  4. xlntryde

    125 to 250?

    r u sellin ur 125 or trading it in???
  5. xlntryde

    Help 600 degrees

    yea i have a infra red testing device.. at one point it shot up to 960... It just didn't seem right thats all I'm sayin.. It seemed to high
  6. xlntryde

    crf230 rejet

    it doesn't bog down no more at full throttle I got that... Now when I start it then give it gas it seems as if the throttle is being held open then when I give it gas again it the rpms go up more, then I give it throttle again it does back down to a low idle....
  7. xlntryde

    crf230 rejet

    i checked the float bowl and didn't see nothing.. it was clean
  8. xlntryde

    Help 600 degrees

    yea i did it 120 main 45 pilot and 4th clip
  9. xlntryde

    crf230 rejet

    I put it all back to stock and it is still acting funny.. Idle ok for the most part every now and then I have to adjust the idle... When I give it gas sometimes it will stall and other times it will go.. Ride for about 40-50 yards and it starts to bog down and won't start.. anyone have any kind of advice?? What are you idle and fuel setting from seated.. I read people sayin about 1.5 -1.75 turns.. Is that from stock or seated.. I dunno
  10. Is what my pipe is.. after rejetting my 07 crf230.. what the hell can I do to bring the heat down.. It idles high then when I give it gas and let off the idle comes down... what is goin on here?? Anyone....
  11. xlntryde

    crf230 rejet

    I know because as soon as I start it the pipe got unbearable
  12. xlntryde

    Just checking

    I heard of people going with a 48... i'm tryin the 45 out now.. I have a 07 crf 230 with the 05 stock needle
  13. xlntryde

    crf230 rejet

    I'm running 4th from the top.... the fuel screw looks like a D shape and need a speical tool for apparently..
  14. xlntryde

    rejet help

    yea it doesnt snap it pulls back slowly
  15. xlntryde

    rejet help

    I rejetted my crf 230... 120 main 45 pilot and needle clip 4th from top.. The bike runs hot to where I can touch for more then 1/2 sec, When I start it run runs the give it gas it stays rev'ed up till I give it gas again then let it go for a few seconds and shuts off... ANy suggestions????