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  1. ron_m

    KTM a better fit for smaller riders?

    Just recently I made the statement on this forum that I thought Webb’s return to success was due to a combination of changes that he has made. However, I personally believe that the single biggest factor in his improved performance is the bike change. It’s obviously a better fit for Webb and apparently many other pro riders. I currently have multiple bikes of various brands, so I am not at all brand loyal. My Yamaha YZ250 two-stroke has always been a very reliable woods bike with a GREAT engine, but I will be the first to admit that my Honda CR250R and Suzuki RM250 both turn better and have better overall handling. They both have lower seat heights and just feel smaller to me and at 5’-9” that makes for a more comfortable riding experience. With that said, see if you can get someone to let you test ride their KTM. There is a reason they have become so wildly popular amongst MX and off-road racers. I totally respect what KTM has achieved in sales and racing. The majority of my bikes have been Yamahas and Hondas since I was 6 years old but I plan to give KTM or Husky a shot the next time I purchase a brand new dirt bike. It’s hard to deny KTM’s success. Anyone that does is simply in total denial.
  2. ron_m

    Hate to break it to you squares

    If Tomac were riding orange or white either one, it would be a pretty sad situation for the rest of the field.
  3. ron_m

    It's Not The Bike

    Webb never seemed to look comfortable on the YZ450F. I think the combination of a new bike and training regimen has restored Webb's confidence. He had that "look of an assassin" in his eyes last night that reminded me of his 250 days when he was on a roll. I remember seeing him with that look in his eyes in the pits at Charlotte, N.C. when he put on one of the greatest rides I have ever witnessed. This season is going to be VERY entertaining for SX fans.
  4. ron_m

    Anaheim 1 Shocker

    Nichols put in an excellent ride!
  5. ron_m

    Yamaha’s A1 Sweep

    You’re probably right. At least they won’t get shut out this year in the 450 class. :-)
  6. ron_m

    Yamaha’s A1 Sweep

    True for the 450 class, but they have been killing it in the 250 class indoors and outdoors for quite a while now. Maybe they are beginning to turn the corner now in the 450 class for a change. I know you must be pulling for Webb now that he is aboard a KTM and he came on strong towards the end of the main.
  7. ron_m

    Yamaha’s A1 Sweep

    Congratulations to both Yamaha teams for their main event wins!
  8. ron_m

    Most overrated and underrated rider in AMA Supercross

    Yes it was! I couldn’t believe what that guy could wring out of a 125 smoker.
  9. ron_m

    Most overrated and underrated rider in AMA Supercross

    You said it for me Bowman. I was thinking the exact same thing!
  10. ron_m

    Most overrated and underrated rider in AMA Supercross

    I agree with your assessment of Webb. It will be very interesting to see how well he performs on the KTM.
  11. ron_m

    Most overrated and underrated rider in AMA Supercross

    I totally agree with you Mog. Dungey was so smooth that he didn’t appear to be riding as fast as he actually was. That guy hauled the mail like nobody’s business. VERY underrated for sure.
  12. The past two times I have ridden my 2004 RM250, the steering tightens up after 45 minutes to an hour or so of riding. I have never experienced this with any other bike that I have ever owned over the years. The problem leads me to believe that the steering stem bearings have gone bad. It behaves normally for the first several minutes of riding, so my theory is that once the friction from back and forth steering movements has generated enough heat, the thermal expansion causes the tightening effect on the steering stem. Have any of you guys ever experienced this same type of issue on any of your bikes?
  13. ron_m

    KLX140/150 Exhaust Interchangeability

    It sounds amazing! There is a narrow gap between the header pipe clamp plate and the cylinder but it doesn’t seem to cause any issues as far as I can tell. The bike runs better and sounds better with the Yoshimura exhaust system on it.
  14. ron_m

    KLX140/150 Exhaust Interchangeability

    Here are a couple of pictures I took after installing a full Yoshimura exhaust system on my 2017 KLX140G and riding it for a couple of hours.
  15. ron_m

    Buy Windhams MXON bike

    And of course, “new top end”...