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  1. Eric Wheeler

    300 tpi injection oil consumption?

    It is my understanding also that when the light comes on, you have enough oil in the reservoir, for a full tank of fuel/gas. I must admit, I am very nervous about the low amount of oil used in this bike. I will say, that my last two KTM two strokes were smokers, with oil running down the end of the pipes. When I ride this Husky, my four stroke friends say they do not mind riding behind me because this bike produces zero smell and zero smoke. I am worried about the first start up of the year after sitting for 5 months. The cylinder won't be lubed. I think I will pull the plug and put a small amount of oil in the cylinder. Anyone have any thoughts on that?
  2. Eric Wheeler

    300 tpi injection oil consumption?

    Bought my 2019 TE300i last October, here is my oil use: I have 10.3 hours on mine. I ride all single track, mostly 3rd gear. I filled the oil tank when new. I have not filled it a second time. It has half of a tank of oil in it. That is five rides, at between 50 and 60 miles each.
  3. Yes all dirt, mixed use trail, some is snowmobile, some is mccct, some is seasonal road (dirt), there is plenty of trail to choose from. It's all mapped, pick up a trail map from Michigan's DNR website. It's not too complicated, I think most of it is marked. You won't be riding ANY pavement to get to trails. B loop has a little paved road in it, (you ride the shoulder) you will worship it for the rest.
  4. Eric Wheeler

    Crankcase Bearing Removal/Installation Anyone Can Do

    When installing the new bearings, using a socket the size of the bearing instead of a punch, and gently tapping the socket drives the bearing in evenly. Making it difficult to install crooked or cocked.
  5. I have stayed at Brentwood in Indian River more than once.. It is on S Straits Highway. They have cabins to rent. You can ride right out of the property. A loop is very close. B loop and C loop are very easy to get to, maybe 10 miles of easy seasonal road to ride on. I have also camped at Weber Lake a couple times. It is rustic camping, close to the b and c loops.
  6. The best seat? Isn't a seat! It is in a suite! Just saw Detroit 2019 last week, from a suite. My first time for a supercross event in a suite. Been to many Tiger's games, Red Wings, and Piston games in suites. This was the best! Food, good beer, and 3 tvs to watch replays. Worth every penny.
  7. Eric Wheeler

    2019 TE 300i kicker replacement question

    I own a 19 TE300i also. This is my first dirt bike with a "button". It is my goal to never, ever, ever, have to kick another kick starter again in my life. 😋 Sorry I can't help!
  8. Eric Wheeler

    Shoulder Protection

    Well it's time for a new chest protector/roost protection. I was close to getting an under the jersey set up but I am a little worried about shoulder protection. Anyone have any recommendations for good shoulder protection? I am wide open to suggestions. Please help!
  9. Eric Wheeler

    Wheel bearings

    If you ride where there are water crossings or in standing water situations, you will change more often. Super easy to check every time after you load your bike to transport. After tying your bike down, grab the wheel and try to move back and forth, perpendicular to the bike. If the bearings are good you will not be able to move the wheel at all. You will feel the "play" in the bearings right away. Always a good idea to grab at 9, 12 and 3 o'clock positions. Check both wheels after every time I ride. It is about the easiest maintenance item you can do.
  10. Eric Wheeler

    Left hand rear brake/slipper clutch

    KleptoLee, sounds like you bought a slipper clutch, when you meant to buy a Rekluse? We are all interested now! Please tell us what is going on?
  11. Eric Wheeler

    Husqvarna TE 300i

    Good info! I will watch the plug wire! I think number two is funny, because until I bought this bike my previous two KTMs had the smallest of brake levers! They are so bad I learned to ride and not use the rear brake except for holy shit moments. I never could find the pedal with my right foot! When I got this bike I finally found the rear brake! Everyone has a totally different perspective on things. That is why I was really interested in hearing what you had to say!
  12. Eric Wheeler

    te300i OTD Pricing?

    Slothy, I used to ride that trail system in the early 2000's. Taught my son (now 26 years old) how to ride there. I feel like I know every grain of sand for 30 miles. I am slightly familiar with Bent Wheels Club heard lots of nice things about them and I know where they are at, but that is about it. We used to ride from (Rose City) either Clear Lake to Ma Deeter's and back or from West Branch to Ma Deeter's and back. This was when it was tight. Very few quads were on the trail. It is so blown out by the side by sides we haven't ridden there in 7 or 8 years. Nothing against them they have to ride somewhere too. Geels has worn on us too, as we have ridden a lot. Lately we have shifted to the West Higgins Trail. We do Tomahawk once a month too. The B loop seems to crush grown men! I also like to ride Frederic and Leetsville in Kalkaska is a high speed blast! The farther from SE Michigan the better the trails, less people riding them. Some rarely ridden trails in the northern lower is where it is at! A bit too far for a day ride though, a couple of the guys have cottages on Burt/Mullett we stay at. Message me if you want to ride. We usually only ride Sundays below 70- degrees.
  13. Eric Wheeler

    Husqvarna TE 300i

    Nicolae, What are the small items you noticed that could be improved? I am interested in hearing others opinion, and I have not had a lot of time on it.
  14. Hey, I was wondering what the Thumper Talk consensus is on these newer styled grips that lock? At first they don't appear to be any different. Anyone have any opinions on them? Wondering if I should switch them out when worn?