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  1. twh_mn

    Oversize gas tank for '09-10 Husabergs?

    Should be http://www.70degreeracing.com/... twh_mn
  2. I believe that is still the 2007 model. They 2007's were FI in Europe, carb'ed here...
  3. Have you considered the TE 510? Same class of bike as WR450 and 50 state DOT legal...
  4. twh_mn

    head light fix for 05 te510

    Did they have an application that worked for you?
  5. twh_mn

    New eyes

    Looks like you mounted it with the stock straps. Can you share pictures of how you mounted it?
  6. What would be the alternative to a "throttle body" type in a single cylinder motorcycle? In multi-cylinder automotive engines the "throttle body" type injection was a simple replacement for the carburetor and suffered the same drawbacks, a "wet" intake manifold with a central distribution point that didn't distribute the fuel to all cylinders equally (still a big improvemnet). Port injection was the cure for auto's where they then had a "dry" manifold and the fuel was injected directly at the intake port. In a single cylinder motorcycle the intake manifold is a short straight shot after the fuel is introduced (typically) at the intake port and doesn't suffer the same drawbacks. Port injection could be a further improvement but I wouldn't expect it to be as much as in auto's...
  7. twh_mn

    2008 TE and TC Photos!

    Semi-direct injection injects the fuel into the transfer ports, some raw fuel can still be lost through open exhaust port. An advancement over conventional induction, but their is still room for improvement. Ficht would likely be a good fit for dirt bikes as a compressor is not required. The big hurdle is the expanded operating rpm range over existing applications.
  8. twh_mn

    2008 TE and TC Photos!

    I hope someone steps up and introduces a direct injected (DI) fuel injected two stroke soon to revive the engine. Some outboard motors are DI, Mercury - Orbital, Evinrude (BRP) - Ficht, but their isn't an application currently supporting the operating RPM range of current two stroke dirt bike or snowmobile engines. KTM is rumored to still be developing their two stroke technology...
  9. I believe the primary drive ratio's are different (crank to clutch basket) - 23T/63T(TE) vs. 21T/64T(SM) (?)...
  10. Take a look at this photo from http://www.motociclismo.it/edisport/moto/gallery.nsf/HFoto/82259FotoGrande/$File/59.jpg it appears this TE 250 has the mikuni throttle body...
  11. twh_mn

    More fuel for the EFI debate...

    Suzuki may have had some inspiration from Arctic Cat batteryless fuel-injected twin cylinder two-stroke snowmobile engines; they are the engine supplier for Arctic Cat and supply the engines with an ignition/electical system to work with the Arctic Cat spec'd fuel system (Kokusan?). Rope started cold, the first pull the fuel pump pressurizes the fuel rail, the second pull the engine starts. When hot they typically start with one pull...
  12. twh_mn

    Street legal KLX450

    All 2006 & 2007 (2008...) Husqvarna 4-Stroke Enduro and Supermoto Competition Models are 50-State DOT Street Legal. http://www.husqvarnausa.com/
  13. twh_mn

    Fuel Injected Crf450x

    Just for discussion, I don't believe any of these components would be considered off the shelf. Honda would specifiy the requirements the pump would need and then one would be selected/designed to meet those requirements. Arctic Cat snowmobiles have had in tank EFI fuel pumps (batteryless) that supply twin cylinder fuel injected engines going on ten years now. These engines are rope started and the pumps supply enough fuel for 500-1000cc two stroke twins. It is not rocket science, maybe Honda needs to talk to Kokusan... Thanks for the discussion:ride:
  14. twh_mn

    Fuel Injected Crf450x

    That's funny . Honda (or any other manufacturer actively competing) is more than capable of establishing the operating parameters required for the fuel delivery system. The bike reviewed in those articles was a GP bike and tuned for that type of power delivery. One of the articles I read was more like an editiorial (MA). If a 'hit' is desired in the power delivery it can tuned to provide it. They reviewed what they rode but I think (my opinion ) the conclusion you came to is what they wanted...
  15. twh_mn

    2008 TE's

    When does Husqvarna typically announce the new models? When do they usually arrive?