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  1. estcoaster

    hour meter

    Made a bracket and mounted mine here
  2. estcoaster

    Drilling frame for Hour meter

    I made this bracket up for mine, cost me just my time.
  3. estcoaster

    Dr.D Pipes - Build Quality?

    Stay away from the DR.D Ti system, mine has broken at the subframe mount and is currenly getting fixed. The stainless system might be a better way to go.
  4. estcoaster

    08 yz250f pics

    Just getting good weather up here in canada. Been busy with work and family things, now its time to ride.
  5. estcoaster

    08 yz250f pics

    It cracked at the lower mount where it mounts to the sub frame. It is a Ti full system, would never buy again, now I have been reading that this is a common problem with these pipes. Maybe the stainless is better?
  6. estcoaster

    08 yz250f pics

    Just posting some pics of the 08 250f still waiting for the dr.d exhaust to be repaired, now I just need to ride it.
  7. estcoaster

    Which pipe is worth the money??

    Same problem (full Ti System) subframe where it mounts cracked, mine is currently on its way to DR.D to get repaired.Not sure if the stainless systems have the same problems.
  8. estcoaster

    cam cover gasket

    The rtv black sealant works the best, the rest of the gasket will be ok.For some reason I guess because of the rounded shape it doesn't seal as well as a flat surface, I know that cars are the same with valve cover gaskets and half moon shape like this, you use sealant.
  9. estcoaster

    cam cover gasket

    Use a little around half moon parts of the gasket like j d said, I even think it says to in the manual.When you take if off you can see that the factory used sealer in this area, or at least thats how mine came.
  10. estcoaster

    New "baby" YZ 250 F 08

    Nice bike I bought the same one 3 weeks ago.
  11. estcoaster

    2001 YZ250f not starting: No ideas

    First thing pull out your spark plug and ck it, probably is going to need a new one.These bikes flood easy if you even touch a bit of throttle, when they get the plug wet they are hard to start.My suggestion is put in a new spark plug, don't give it any throttle just put on the choke and kick it then it should fire right up. Last week I tried to start my 01 same problem, kicked it for 45 minutes, put in a new spark plug three kicks and it fired.
  12. estcoaster

    Area51 Training Compound...

    Sweet set up, nice pics.......
  13. estcoaster

    fuel screw washer

    I lost mine when I was swapping it out, do yourself a favor and just order a new one or it may not seal properly.The washer puts pressure on the o-ring so it seals properly. They are just over a dollar to buy from yamaha.
  14. I read somewhere on this forum about new bikes and the grease in the head bearings. Man you guy's weren't kidding took the triple apart on my new 08 yz250f , hardly any grease at all in the top bearing only half the bearing was greased. Has anyone checked to see what their rear swingarm and linkage was like from new, before i tear mine apart? Was it the same as the head bearings?