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  1. T-roy JK

    Can octane be tested?

    Yes I can get it re-mapped, but like I said, it’s still in warranty so I doubt they would be ok with that.
  2. T-roy JK

    Can octane be tested?

    We can get it without ethanol but it’s usually 89. It’s really hard to find 93 without ethanol.
  3. T-roy JK

    Can octane be tested?

    In the article they tested several brands and give the exact numbers that they raised the octane.
  4. T-roy JK

    Can octane be tested?

    That isn’t what I read in the article.
  5. T-roy JK

    Can octane be tested?

    Thought about that, but when you check into it they all have their problems. Seadoo has hulls cracking. Yamaha’s are having timing chains failing, heads cracking and oil coolers leaking. It’s a gamble for sure. im sure I would have less problems on a naturally aspirated motor, but life’s too short to ride a slow ski!
  6. T-roy JK

    Can octane be tested?

    Checked on octane boosters. Seems some might be worth trying. A few can raise octane level by 2 or even 2.8 points. http://www.fuelexpert.co.za/Octane-Booster-Shootout.php.
  7. T-roy JK

    Can octane be tested?

    Don’t know what’s needed for that system, but the ski is still under warranty. Doubt they would be ok with mods like that. just got the word that Kawasaki authorized the repairs, hurray, that only took 6 weeks. It would be nice if it set off a light or alarm when it detected a fuel problem if it alone can save it. Mans whybwould I pay 17k for a 310hp ski to go back and define it? Hell im trying to go even faster. Could have payed less to begin with.
  8. T-roy JK

    Can octane be tested?

    Race gas isn’t really an option. Too hard to find and can get it at all on the water. And we burn 40 to 60 gallons a day. We also ride in several states. We’ve even ridden from Miami to Bimini.
  9. T-roy JK

    Can octane be tested?

    I wish. We ride often in many places and I have never seen 100 at a marina. As long as it gets 93 it would be fine. Most marinas only have 89. Can sometimes find 91.
  10. T-roy JK

    Can octane be tested?

    Also, it isn’t practical to evem attempt running race gas. It’s not unusual for use to run 100mi a day or more, and with these skis getting about 4mpg with a 20.9 gal tank, we often have to refuel at a marina somewhere. When you think about it, it’s obvious you can’t trust the fuel you’re getting out of the pump to be what it says it is. Then how old is it? This usually is a major ordeal but it can be catastrophic with a motor like this. I guess my only option is to find an additive that would help. That and make sure to control myself when the fuel is more questionable than usual.
  11. T-roy JK

    Can octane be tested?

    It does have a knock sensor but apparently the sensor/ecu is not pulling the timing enough. Many are burning pistons on these Kawasaki 310s. Most think it is a piston issue but some are now saying it’s a fuel issue. The mechanic says he thinks the reason this motor is having more issues with this than others is because of the characteristics of this motor make it more sensitive to low octane fuel. I do know it creates more boost than the others do stock. (16lbs.)
  12. Just burned one piston in my jet ski. This is a 310 hp 1500cc supercharged engine from the factory that turns almost 8000rpms. Obviously this motor needs high octane or it will detonate and eat pistons and that’s what I’m told happened. I always use the highest octane I can get, but that doesn’t mean that’s what’s coming out of the pump. so is there any way that I can test the octane of fuel with sending it off?
  13. T-roy JK

    How do I find the year of a RM85?

    Found it on the net. It's the 10th digit.
  14. I looked at a RM85 for the purpose of getting it for my son, but there's no tag with the year. It has a vin but no year. It might be in the vin but which numbers? Or do I have to call a dealer?
  15. T-roy JK

    Help Wanted

    Try a new plug. If that doesn't work, try the bike specific forum.