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  1. Blind Stroker

    plated bike orv tabs in Washington

    I think the renewal of the plate and ORV are two completely separate transactions. My tabs expire at a different date from my plate.
  2. Blind Stroker

    Broken L. Side Case Recommendations?

    The bike has around 100 well cared for hours on it and runs great. After talking to quite a few people I think i am going to try the JB Weld route and just get by until the bike is ready for a rebuild then deal with the case issue all at once. I hate not having the full resale value but in reality I probably wouldn't recover the cost of repair into the sale value anyway.
  3. Blind Stroker

    Broken L. Side Case Recommendations?

    I noticed my 250X leaking oil after a few battle tested rides this summer and found that the lower mount for the case saver cracked completely as well as exposed a hole in the left side engine case. Two questions? 1) Should I totally rip it apart to replace the L. side engine case? And 2) if I do, what else should I replace while doing so? Bearings, crank, seals, top end?????
  4. Blind Stroker

    Leak down test

    Great info, thanks Jim.
  5. Blind Stroker

    Leak down test

    I just ordered a gas engine leak down tester that is not motorcycle specific. Is there any pressure concerns that I should have when using it to test a 4 stroke motorcycle (250 Honda) instead of a V8 car motor?
  6. Blind Stroker

    250x in the woods?

    Rekluse is a weapon in itself especially in a rocky or rooted technical climbs. It still has compression braking as well. I also use the L. hand rear brake which is awesome in the nasty steep downhill switchbacks. My 250x kicks ass in the woods.
  7. One last question for trailmeisterjoe; what pressure did you run your trials tire at?
  8. That is what I was thinking but I have been getting conflicting opinions. One guy said something about inner ribs that will eat through a tube?
  9. I received a Dunlop D308GP from an online retailer that I was planning to use for trail riding this year on my CRF. It is marked as tubeless on the sidewall, will that cause me a problem by running a tube?
  10. Blind Stroker

    Elevation of Washington trails and Carbureted bikes

    I had a 2002 DRZ 400s and didn't ever have jetting issues riding from sea level and the Cascade's trails. IMO the DRZ is still the best true 50/50 dual sport (reasonably priced anyway) out there Like Backwoods Bomber I also did the Desert 100 on it which is a testament to it's versatility. I finally got tired of dealing with the weight on the mountain single track and also wanted a better distance bike so I ended up having to replace it with two bikes - a plated CRF 250x and a 990 ADV. I kinda wish I kept the DRZ since it still is a nice fit in the middle of those two and was a hell of a wheelie machine but my CRF is night and day better on trails than the DRZ ever was and the 990 smokes pavement and fire roads.
  11. Blind Stroker

    Hangover Scrambles @ Washougal, January 1st!

    First off please excuse my ignorance but what are the rules/strategy to a Hair Scramble? I have been conquering single track my whole 45 year life and now find myself just starting to play in some of these organized events but need a little help understanding how I should approach it? Is this like an enduro where both slow or too fast time can hurt you or are hair scrambles just a grip it and rip it to the finish type of event??
  12. Blind Stroker

    YZ 85 Trail Beast?

    I want to tame my kids 85 for better trail performance. I am thinking that a flywheel weight would do the trick? Do you guys have any suggestions on a weight or any other modes you think would make a 2008 Yz 85 into a trail machine?
  13. Blind Stroker

    Help CRF250X Low end Hesitation

    Sounds to me like you are talking about the common "bog" problem the 250x has. There is a ton of information about it on in these forums if you search under that key word. The jetting at the low/initial part of the throttle is more a factor of your leak jet than anything. I fixed it by installing a QuickShot III so that I can easily adjust the leak circuit instead of fumbling with different jets. It also allows you to further adjust it when you find yourself at a different altitude and the bogs starts to reappear. I highly recomend it for fixing the bog problem all of the X's have. https://www.boyesen.com/quickshot-3-mx
  14. Blind Stroker

    Race Tech Fork Springs

    2005 CRF 250x re-sprung with RaceTech's - love it.