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  1. I bought one off ebay for my old Husky. Quality wasn't too good and finding the right section from about 5 languages wasn't easy. Depends on how much you'll use it. Much easier following the proper hard copy manual.
  2. Good to see the comparisons you've made. I've only used the Pirelli and have never had a problem with them on either 450s or my current 250. The only time a knobbly beats them is in sticky mud. One of the mags over here ran a test on tyres and the Vee Rubber performed really well so I'm going to try them next.
  3. I've since learned that they've been rushing the process and I guess that might mean it's not been washed properly. When you say 'straight veg' is that pure cooking oil....unprocessed? Know several people who run this but without a tank heater cold starting is a pain. Does it harm the pump etc? Over here we're allowed to use about 600 gallons a year before paying any tax on it.
  4. Supposed to be summer here...if that happens! Doesn't seem to matter about ambient temps. Last filter was changed about a month ago in a really warm period and fillter was thick with gel. I'll try the inline filter and see if I can find a different supply of fuel.
  5. It is wvo which is processed by a company with methanol etc so should be good. Fuel lines are good for bio. I thought they may have been skimping on the processing which was causing the gel in the filter. Would a cheap inline filter between tank and main filter help? Thanks.
  6. Don't know if Bio diesel is widely available in the States but with fuel prices here I've been using it in my Mitsubishi pick-up which at 19mpg is not good for a 2.5 turbo. Problem is I now get through so many fuel filters that I'm not sure it's worth it. They just keep blocking up with a jelly like substance. Just wondered if any of you guys knew anything about fuels derived from vegetable oil and why it affects filters like this.
  7. Must have had some rain in Wales! Are the pics of the woods sections the ones Geraint Jones uses?
  8. Well an enduro motor is quite stressed anyway and would be a nightmare to sit on for a 100 Tarmac miles...well mine would. Def go Transalp, Tenere route etc. You'd end up doing valve shim checks halfway thru France on an enduro and trying to get circulation back into ass:ride:
  9. One bike I'd seriously consider is the new Yamaha Tenere. The off-road part is always going to be a compromise...no problem on an enduro but you're going to have to consider the road miles. Long road stints on an enduro is a pain...literally:ride:
  10. Dougie's one our top trials riders and the owner of Goodwood House runs a festival of speed on the driveway to his house every year. Everything from trials, moto x, moto gp machines to Formula 1 cars along with a few crashes:ride:
  11. If it happened suddenly is it possible the cam chain has jumped a tooth?
  12. I've seen this stuff demonstrated at bike shows here in the UK. Watched the guy repair rads, broken casings and plug holes. Anybody have experience with it? http://www.durafix.co.uk/ There's a video in the faq section.
  13. I had the same problem on a WR450....major scoring. Found a shop who prepared race bikes and they welded back the missing metal, machined the cams and repaired area and shimmed valves. Total cost here £120...about $250 ?
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