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  1. I have a cast from elbow to hand & thumb They'll sheck again after 10 days to see the evolution. I hope i won't need any screws Apparently in some cases it just heals like other bones and in other cases it's a real nightmare....off course you often hear the horror stories and not the n'ormal' ones Going to sheck this scaphoid link....have plenty of time now Anyway I appreciated your input guys thx
  2. Last sunday I went for ride with and crashed quite hard. I was in 4 th gear on a asphalt but mddy road and suddenly saw 2 bikers, touched the frond brake, front wheel slippid violently away (I know it s a rookie mistake but a was really surprised) and a smached on the grond on still holding the bars ........ so apparently my scaphoid bone is broken. I heard it was a typical bike injury so I wanted to know if someone experienced this already. Thx for the input.
  3. I've been trying to find some info about YZ timing and jetting for WR but can't find it even in Thumperfaq.....links do not work. Can anybody help me. Thx
  4. Ynahg

    Standing up on the bike.

    Agree with bd450, you have to learn and get comfotable in that stand-up position. The standing position allows you more control of the bike, you do not ride a bike by turning your bars, but with your foot pegs, your knees and you upper body position. Off course your arms will get less tired and your will be forced to move a lot on the bike....wich all fast riders do a lot (i'm not fast). In the beginning accelerating standing up is very hard, because you do not lean forward enough as already explained. Good luck
  5. Ynahg

    Swingarm bearings

    Well they're pressed in....I simply use my hands and a cloth. Wrap it around your index finger and clean till all dirty grease is removed. You might use some gasoline or brake cleaner (quite agresssive) if you want to really get every piece of grease out of it before re-greasing. The best is to grease them really often...and even better intall greasing nipples. Good luck
  6. Ynahg

    synthetic Rotella T

    NHKevin, Since when does an oil thicken while heating up ? If you really have such kind of oil, I think you're a rich man !!!! Howerver a 15W50 will off course be thicker when cold than a 5W50 the nature of an oil makes it will always be way thicker in cold conditions than in hot conditions. So an oil is not thickening when heating up beacause its a 5W50, the 5W guarantees a maximum viscosity a a certain 'cold' temperature which off course will be less viscous than a 15W at the same temp.
  7. Ynahg

    Not running good...any suggestions?

    I do a check up every year (piston rings, valve clearance) and a new distribution chain every 2 seasons. If you didn't do anything on the bike for 3 years you chould. Remove the top end, replace pistons rings, check piston, change distribution chain, check cranck bearings, check and adjust valve clearance, clean carb and acc. pump. This bike was designed for racing and (with all my respect) is not an XR so it needs an adequate maintenance....
  8. Totally agree with Vibeguy, However it is always better to use a single product, there is absolutely no danger mixing different brands and types of oil... The best example is indeed a semi synthetic oil There are a lot of stories about oils and lubes....but few really know something about the subject ........ its like that 'spontaneous combustion' thing I don't know if I have to laugh or to cry when I hear such things.
  9. This guy really has total control http://www.einefetza.com/cm/video/stuntfestival/christianpfeiffer-bechyne2003-short.wmv
  10. Ynahg


    I think you have a leaking valve/vlave seat. Remove the camshafts, you will feel the compression again. Its is problably a matter of valve clearance. The worst that coult happen is a burned valve because of the lack of clearance. good luck
  11. Ynahg

    Huge Problem

    You ca always try to buy it in Belgium. They a little less expensive here and got a EU homologation. Good luck !
  12. Ynahg

    OT: On hitting trees.

    Indeed, it is called the gyroscopic effect. you can easily try this out : at very low speeds till 40 km/h (because there is no gyroscopic effect yet) you have to turn the handlebar right to go to the right. But at higher speeds from if you turn it to the right, the bike will lean to the left. Can also try it with a bycicle.
  13. Ynahg

    ticking noise from air box carb area ?

    The ticking noise could be the carb-slide ticking when the bike idles. My previous WR400 ticked harder than my '02 WR250........don't know why.... My be the bike idles a little rough....is the idle an the feul screw adjusted correctly ??? Good luck. G.
  14. Could somebody give me the jetting specs of a european YZ250F 02. I ride a WR250 02 an I would like to YZ-time it. Thx
  15. Last sunday I rode about 200 km. Approx 50% technical and 50% rapid trails. At the end I rode for 10-15 minutes in a sand pit. While acceleratind ou of a turn the engine stoppen as if I ran out of gas. Put it on reserve, kicked 7 or 8 times, started up but with a rattling metallic sound on the distribution chain side Rode the bike home, changed oil, checked distr. chain tensioner, started up again...samed sound. The engine had to be revised end of the (chain, bearing, piston rings....) Would annyone have an idea what this could be ? Thanks in advance