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  1. jrny426

    End cap wont come off

    also the muffler gets hot as hell melts whatever comes in contact
  2. My 07 sound bad too but runs great no issues
  3. EBC was my mistake,I even put my OEM springs back in and still the fade was terrible under load back to OEM for me
  4. Not sure what YZ you have my 450 and 426 have bolts which push on axle blocks to adjust the chain.
  5. jrny426

    Oil Filter

    This is a CRT Even with constant oil changes and cleaning probably 2 years old
  6. jrny426

    Running a 450 with a dented headpipe ?

    Done this trick myself works awesome
  7. Not sure if this helps but I put a fmf power core on mine and seemed make more usable power through out the power band (if it is still called that in a 4 stroker)
  8. jrny426

    2007 yz450 good woods bike?

    Rad guards aswell as braces I'm always folding my left half back on trees or when I dump it on that side,a Clarke or other Over size is a good idea all good suggestions even if you do these things over a period of time this stuff can add up
  9. jrny426

    Chain questions yz 426

    I like the aluminum Renthal I went a little Bigger or Lower depending on where you ride an RK 520 O ring and a Moose front all good stuff won't break the bank,the only thing I find about the wider O ring chain is the master link clip gets worn by the chain guide
  10. jrny426

    Chain replacement

    I use my bench grinder in a pinch
  11. jrny426

    Best oil to use in canada?

    Lots of threads on both just do a search Ive heard stay away from Yamalube Ive used Maxima or even Shell Rotella is an economic choice
  12. jrny426

    YZ 450 for woods races

    I dont race yet but I ve been riding YZF 426 and 450s in the tight trails(following race courses) in BC and they work great,lowered the gearing 51 tooth on rear bigger fuel tank and bark busters skid plate ect...
  13. jrny426

    Best oil to use in canada?

    I use a 10 30 in cooler weather spring and fall and 20 50 or 15 40 in the summer heat
  14. jrny426

    just scored an 06 anniversary YZ450F

    Awesome bike love the yellow I think I better check my chain adjustment tho LOL
  15. Go to an auto parts place and ask for a T Bolt clamp there strong and stainless so they look like they belong... and obviously come in different sizes