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  1. My senior year of HS I would skip class to haul cement in my uncle's tractor trailer... you got this!
  2. Cowman


    Farming relieves my stress. Farming causes my stress too, yet the thought of not farming stresses me out.
  3. Yep, two times now. The first time it took about an hour to get off, but I had a EBPV delete pedestal sitting on the bench which made it a 15 minute job.
  4. Harder to work on than say an inline 6, but compared to anything else its just about the same. Old trucks are all pretty easy to deal with when it comes to room to work. I had enough room in there to mount an intercooler and only had to notch the radiator support for the pipes.
  5. Everyone is right, stay away from the 12V. You need something like this: Just kidding. You can budget all you want and make it work on paper, but the thing will let you down sooner or later. Mine is the same way. It needs an expensive ass valve cover harness at the moment. It does; however, pull a livestock trailer twice a week so it has more than paid for itself. Working on it is no fun. Mine has little to no body or frame rot, but everything gets that skim of surface rust on it which makes getting almost 20 year old bolts loose that much harder.
  6. Cowman

    What temp does your truck run..

    My girlfriend has a 2008 GMC with the 5.3 (she hates it as do I, but I digress) and it runs 210 as well. I did some research and it sounds normal for that motor in those years.
  7. Cowman

    7.3 Economy Tune

    I keep my 7.3 under 2k rpms whenever possible. If you cant stand going 65-70 than you'd hate my truck. 2k rpms puts me at 56 mph!
  8. Unfortunately, if you don't want to do the flag method, there's no choice but to jump in and out a few times when by yourself.
  9. I've bought boots from riffraff for my '96 and was very pleased. http://www.riffraffdiesel.com/intercooler-cac-boots-1/
  10. Oil injection is too quetionable for me! My boss blew up his Evinrude outboard due to a faulty oil injection system and bad warning buzzer. On my little brother's old PW80 my dad ended up leaving the tank empty and mixing the fuel and oil the traditional way.
  11. Have you checked that it is getting spark? Being a two stroke it really comes down to spark, fuel, and air.
  12. Here's my probably way overloaded truck. 4500# trailer, 12,700# tractor. I think the truck has a max towing capacity of 10k? Every time I tow with this thing it makes me wish I had a new truck. Until the 1st of the month when I don't have to send anyone a check for it.
  13. Cowman


    I'm driving a 2013 F-250 diesel at work. I've had it since new and have about 25k miles on it now. I don't tow often, but mostly driving around fields and short runs for parts, etc. the dash is showing 17.5-17.9 mpg. I'm hand calculating 17.6 on average. I love the truck. Its quiet, smooth, fast, etc. A friend has a '14 F-350 dually and he absolutely loves it.
  14. I don't frequent the dirtbike section much, so I'm out of the loop on that one!