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  1. Heckler

    2014 350 XCF-W Question?

    My Six Days came with it too, along with other cool stuff..
  2. Heckler

    EPA Approved bike in California

    Where did you buy it?
  3. Heckler

    KTM 350 XCF-W 2014

    2014 KTM 350 XCF-W Six Days Fresh from the dealer...
  4. Heckler

    KTM 350 XCF-W 2014

    11 reviews

    IDENTIFICATION Type: Off-Road Warranty (Months): 1 Revision Status: New ENGINE Displacement (cc): 349.7 Engine Type: Single-Cylinder Cylinders: 1 Engine Stroke: 4-Stroke Valve Configuration: DOHC Carburetion Type: Fuel Injected TRANSMISSION Transmission Type: Manual Number of Speeds: 6 Primary Drive System: Chain BRAKES Front Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Rear Brakes: Hydraulic Disc TIRES Front Tire(s): Dunlop GEOMAX 80/100 R21 Rear Tire(s): Dunlop GEOMAX 110/100 R18 SPECIFICATIONS Wheelbase (in / mm): 58.4 / 1482 Dry Weight (lbs / kg): 236 / 107 Fuel Capacity (gal / L): 2.5 / 9.5 Seat Height (in / mm): 38.2 / 970 Number of Seats: 1 FEATURES Tachometer: Optional Digital Instrumentation: Standard Windshield: Not Availablevv
  5. Heckler

    KTM 350 XCF-W 2012

    2014 KTM 350 XCF-W Six Days Fresh from the dealer...
  6. Heckler

    KTM 350 XCF-W (2014)


    2014 KTM 350 XCF-W Six Days Fresh from the dealer...
  7. It depends on the brace but the one I have compresses down about 2" before it hits the brace.
  8. I've been using a fork support since 2004 and always will, once in place there is no way a strap is coming off short of it breaking, and I have never had a seal leak since I've been using one. I truly believe then tied down without a support you have to compress the fork to the point that the constant internal air pressure from being compressed so much in order to get it tight that the pressure causes the fork seals to leak over a period of time, once you uncompress it the seals are fine it not that it's causing damage but you do loose oil and that causes it's own problems.
  9. You need this one, the size is common it's the hinge you need to make sure you get the correct one, I just replaced all of them on my 2006 Attitude FSAK23 Make sure the hinge fits. Unbreakable Polycarbonate Vent Lid - Fits Ventline, Elixir Since 1994 Link Click Here
  10. Heckler

    good deal of bad deal?

    I bought mine brand new in 2005 and the only thing I had to fix was a faulty brake pedal switch (couldn't get it out of park) and a turbo Pedestal that cracked, other than that change the oil and filters, keep the battery charged, (low battery kills the FICM then your injectors go), but then again I didn't throw a tuner on it and push a bunch of HP they were never designed to. That same motor is in a lot of international buses and trucks with a far far less failure rate, international doesn't use the Ford coolant they use the Fleetrite ELC. It's not even a ford motor
  11. Heckler

    good deal of bad deal?

    Yes, but find a good shop that knows diesels and especially the 6.0, there are very few Ford Dealers service departments that I would trust, they will just replace the coolers and dump the ford gold coolant right back in it. I would suggest going to the bullit proof diesel site and check their find an installer page and see if there is one in your area, usually the shops that use their products know the motors well. No problem with a bit of steam coming out of the oil filler cap, you dont want to smell diesel in it though. The 7.3 is indeed a good motor, the 6.0 can make better power cheaper but like KGmx said you will want head studs installed before you run any high HP tunes, I would feel ok with stock head bolts and up to a 60hp tune but thats about it. A lot of folks are happy with just an upgraded FICM. And the 6.0 is the last of the Ford diesels where you dont have to deal with the regen/uria crap.
  12. Heckler

    good deal of bad deal?

    The 6.0 is fine, if you make sure the "issues" are taken care of. I have a F350 with the 6.0 and have had no problems with it. Here is the deal with the 6.0, they have a bad reputation because they were blowing head gaskets left and right, usually people running tuners and adding 100+ HP but it does happen to stock untuned mottors as well, Ford never to this date has admitted the problem, it's the Ford Gold Coolant they insist you use in it combined with the emissions "EGR" system. Someone figured this out a while ago and it's pretty evedient what was causing all the issues, the coolant contains silicates, when the truck is worked hard and the coolant passes through the very hot EGR cooler, it causes the silicates to drop out of the coolant which then becomes a gooey sandy like material that slowly begins to clog up your oil cooler. The cooling system on the 6.0 runs coolant through the oil cooler (a resivoir like a small radiator) and has oil and coolant passing through it with the intent the coolant cools the oil etc., etc., from there it passes through the EGR cooler to cool the extremely hot exhaust gasses that pass through the EGR cooler (it's an emissions thing), what happens here is the silicates clog the "fins" of the oil cooler reducing the flow of coolant, eventually to the point that the coolant begins to boil as it passes through the EGR cooler and causing the EGR cooler to fail, dumping coolant into the cylinders = Blown head gaskets. There are several ways to address this, But first you need to determine if your oil cooler is becoming or is clogged or not, you do this by getting a gauge (like a scanguage) and checkinge oil temp and coolant temp, when the motor is completely warmed up (oil at 198 I believe) get on the freeway doing 55-60 or so and check the oil vs coolant temps, if there is more than a 15 degree difference in temps it's clogging up, normal is 4-5 degrees. At this point no matter what you need to ditch the Ford Gold coolant and flush the motor with Fleetrite "Restore" then Ford "VC9" then flush completely with distilled water, this will remove a good portion of the silicates (the Restore product) and the rust/scale (the VC9 product). Some have had the flushing help clean out the cooler but if the difference in temps is at or near the 15 degrees It most likely wont last long, the oil cooler needs to be replaced and Refill with an ELC coolant (CAT EC-1 Rated) such as Fleetrite as it does not have the silicates in it, and while thats being done you can do one of several fixes for the EGR cooler. Cheapest is to do an EGR delete kit, if you dont have issues with emissions testing where you live you can do that and eliminate the whole stupid EGR system, and the truck will run cooler too. Another option is to replace the EGR cooler with an aftermarket one, such as the Bullit Proof Diesel cooler which is much more heavy duty and wont fail quite so easily. Or you can replace the cooling system with an aftermarket system like the Bullit Proof Diesel kit that completely removes the on board oil cooler and mounts a seperate cooler on the condenser or front bumper makinf it air cooled. That said the 2003 has a more stout EGR cooler than the 2004+ 6.0, if it's round and not square you may be ok as there has been far less of those failing than the later models. Look in your coolant resivoir and if you see a sledge in the bottom of it guess what that is, I would see if the seller has any records of the oil and or EGR cooler being replaced, they should always be replaced together and picking up a scanguage2 for $150 or so is cheap insurance when looking at a used diesel, especially the 6.0, if the temps are ok, do the flushes and refill with the ELC and your good to go. A cut open clogged oil cooler.
  13. Heckler

    exhaust shild home made

    It looks like it needs to wrap around the front more, thats where the rocks will fly off your front wheel and dent it, how do you plan to attach it?
  14. Heckler

    Motovan Yay or Nay?

    I've been driving a kidnapper van for the past 15 years as a daily driver, I also have an F350 diesel and it gets a bit better mileage than my van but it's easier to park and stuff in the van. I first had a 1998 Chevy astro that I almost put 300k miles on it, had to finally get rid of it last year and it was a pain to put a bike inside so I just used a motorackjack. I now have a 2010 E150 and it has lots of room and gets about 15mpg - 18mpg on the freeway, I still need to finish the inside (it's a cargo van) to get it set up but first thing I did was an alarm, I spent the $$ on it with remote start, 2 way paging, and extra sensors since it's so long.