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  1. steve841

    Breaking foot peg springs

    Never broke one... I have an 18.5 FE Are you certain you're putting them in properly? Now.. Rear brake pedal spring..flimsy
  2. steve841

    FI light continuously flashes

    My last one did that too ... then it would stop for a while and then resume. Finally just quit worrying about it.
  3. Narrow xring works just fine.
  4. Find someone with a KTM and swap tanks .....
  5. Id bet fuel pump ....
  6. steve841

    Factory Edition seats

    Yeah they suck. I just got some padded shorts no more problem
  7. Did you check motor mounts?
  8. steve841

    how to remove disc guard?

    If memory serves me, it slides over the stock spacer ...
  9. steve841

    10w40 vs 10w50

    10w40 in all of them I've ever owned .....350s and 450s
  10. Mine is awesome. Added fuel and she’s so much bettter. Hoping we can get 19 mapping when it comes out.
  11. I cant say with certainty .. but I heard something about an exclusive via KTM ... now whether thats a one off design or all exhausts ... I dont know.
  12. steve841

    New Bike Build... First KTM!

    Loctite the top subframe bolts. dont waste your money on suspension. Dial it in starting with MXA settings. Suspension is awesome. forks tubes, third line up. i preferred one tooth more ... was a great bike ...seriously!
  13. steve841

    350 sxf with 70 hours ok?

    Stay away from those forks. The AERs are superior in every way shape form.
  14. steve841

    2018 Factory Edition Popping

    Spent a lot time so far and my FE is now a different bike. It's a monster like the 18 now. Still closing in on fuel settings ... but suffice to say, I've added more fuel than on any previous bike. Its starving for gas. If any of you have a UST, from 2000rpm up across the range, try graduating starting at 10* +1 to +4 at 70*
  15. steve841

    2018 Factory Edition Popping

    Yes... Im still tinkering with it. The seat of the pants testing is going slow...