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  1. was that rock wall in the video part of the course this year?
  2. where was that last pic taken, the one on the cliff? that looks like some fun/technical single track
  3. Man I love Trav's pics. C'mon ppl, let's see some more of your favorite shots from the race! I'm at work or else I'd load some on
  4. I know for sure there was at least 1 guy on an XR400 who was in the top 50 last year. He was the most consistent rider I have ever seen, I think that XR was at the same RPM the entire race, lol. To be honest the XR would be a great bike for a lot of riders in that race, the bike is predictable and one of the most reliable bikes ever made.
  5. this was in the first wave, i'm pretty sure the bike was white but a lot went through my mind from there to the finish so i'm not 100% on that.
  6. Thanks SJMC for a great event. Sorry to get impatient but i'm chomping at the bit. Any idea when the pics and results will be up?
  7. did he cartwheel? i wonder if it was the guy i saw.
  8. I'm thinking the guy was on either a white honda or a white yamaha two stroke but I could be wrong. I saw a pic of two stumpies around a guy in the approximate area but i'm not sure if that was him or not. It gives me chills just thinking about it...
  9. I wonder if he was the guy I saw cartwheel where the start crosses part of the course before the uphill to the bomb. There was only one guy involved so most likely it wasn't him. His bike flipped so violently I can't even imagine that he couldn't be hurt. The poor bike cartwheeled 4+ times so that should give you an idea of the speed he was travelling. I hope the guy is OK. Anyone else see it? It was right to the right of the trail where most of the fast guys line up to try and get the holeshot.
  10. Got a decent start, I saw the others run knowing it was a false start and beyond hope so I jumped in the fray in order to not get stuck behind everybody. It was SUPER dusty and I was right next to the trail where most of the top riders start and saw a guy flip his bike more violently than any wreck I have ever seen. He went down right in the gully where you cross over the race course a little over halway to the bomb. It looked like a grenade went off under his bike sending his bike flying up in the air and flipping end over end. I hope the guy is OK... From there it took forever for the dust to settle so that I could get into my comfortable race pace. Surprisingly I only saw one downed rider and stopped to make sure he was OK, he mumbled but was sitting upright and breathing OK so I moved on knowing that I could be no further help for him. Around that time my buddy pulled up who was a former professional motocrosser and his helmet visor looked like it had been through hell. He told me he wrecked on a nasty whoop that he couldn't see and rung his bell pretty good, his forehead had a nasty bruise at the end of the race. At the pit I was sitting somewhere around 70th and rode pretty smoothly the second half of the race. I ran into a lot of young kids and women and tried to pass them as nicely as I could. There was a nasty hill in the singletrack part of the course towards the end where a lot of guys got stuck, I hung back for a second as opposed to charging it right away and spotted a good line where I was able to get by 5-7 riders. That's the majority of my story, at the end of the race my thumbs were pretty torn up but I hope my efforts were good enough for a top 100 finish.
  11. Anybody gonna give the Xtinction race a try this summer? Judging by the info i've read it sounds pretty nasty.
  12. I'm most likely gonna be riding there this weekend, anyone else gonna be there? I usually park below Haebeck's but I don't think the riders that I'm gonna be with will make it out of there so we'll most likely park up top.
  13. Maybe I missed this but did you check the connector that connects to the wire on the top of the carb? I've had this wire come disconnected on the bike on rides before.
  14. Hi all, just went riding with a few of my buddies on saturday and I noticed that when one of my buddies got on the throttle in a berm that his bike puffed out a huge cloud of black/blue smoke. Is this most likely a cause of ring blowby or is it something as simple as a bad valve guide seal?
  15. Hey Dave, I was thinking about sending my 07 KTM 450 to you some time in the future and getting it bored to either a 525 or a 540. My question is does the 540 kit require a new cam or does it do well with just the stock cam and boring the intake valves? Does the 525 also perform better with your valve modification? BTW, Dave is correct about the Bergs, just read Jimmy Lewis' impression of the bike at Romaniacs.
  16. I've heard that the Berg is a lighter "feeling" bike due to the angle of the motor which reduces the engine forces that make the bike harder to lean in corners and stuff. Also I've heard that KTM doesn't own Husaberg and that the two have worked out a deal where Husaberg is allowed access to KTM parts for use in their bikes. From what I hear from other riders the Husabergs have been very reliable but there is little available for aftermarket parts like some of the others have mentioned.
  17. i would sort out the easy to fix stuff before considering replacing the whole brake line and MC.
  18. My brake on my 07 just went soft on me, I opened up the MC and pulled the brake line down below the level of the MC. From there I tapped the line and pumped the lever til bubbles stopped coming out, I now have full pressure and feel back, no need for a crappy Honda part.
  19. thinking about heading there tomorrow, i'll be sure and report on the conditions
  20. Yes I can handle dust being from eastern Washington and doing the desert 100, 700+ riders and tons of dust.
  21. Looks like he would have been up in the front on stage 12 if he didn't have navigation issues. Still 7th OA, one more stage to go!
  22. Hmm, the pics don't seem to be working....
  23. Hi guys, I've heard there's some epic riding up in the Great North, I was just curious if you guys could pick one race to do from the OHSS which one would it be? The reason I ask is i'd be coming up from Washington State and obviously would only be able to make it up that way a couple times per year. If I could get some descriptions about some of the races as far as distance, difficulty, terrain, etc. that would be helpful. Thanks guys!
  24. If it's not the battery then it's most likely your pilot jet is clogged or your valves are out of adjustment. To rule out the battery, try kick-starting it with the battery disconneced. If it's not the battery take off the nut on the bottom of your carb and remove the pilot jet and check for clogs. If it's neither of those two then I suggest getting your valves checked.
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