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  1. So in the middle of building a KLX110 for my son I went out and found a great price on stock Cobra shock with a reservior. Well needless to say I wanted to clean it up and took it apart. right when I removed the braided line fluid (oil) shot all over the place. Needless to say I need to refill it and put more air into it. I was told these are filled with Nitrogen. So here are my questions. First what oil do I need to put back into the shock? Second can I just hook air up to the valve and fill it up or do I need to use nitrogen. Thanks everyone for the help.
  2. So a couple months ago my son decided he was tired of his new RM125 throwing him around (kids about 100lbs) and decided he wanted to start racing moms 2005 stock CRF100. He did well in his first hair scramble so we decided to sign him up for a AMA season. 2 weeks ago in his first race the bike dies on the last lap. I found that a rock had cracked the case and messed up the timing. So after hearing we would have to break the bike down to replace parts and I decide "Lets go for it". I jump online and order a new CDI, BBR complete big bore kit, FMF system, AVS levers, tires, etc... His first moto on the new bike he launches this "trail bike" in 2nd and runs a wheelie until he is on his @ss. He recovers and does well. In the main he decides to launch in 3rd and still gets air but able to maintain it and is 2nd in the hole shot. By the 2nd lap he is in 1st and in the end about 1/2 lap on 2nd. Wow was the bike amazing. Dont get me wrong my kid can rip and is a very good rider, but even he will admit that this thing is a whole new animal. So if anyone is looking for some great power from their 100 look into this kit, you will love it. Even me at 185lbs can see a real differance.
  3. So we ended up with a new case, cover, and all the mods put on. We had races last Sunday in Stockton, Ca and my son took 2nd after dumping the clutch at the gate and running with the bike and eventually laying it down. He was in dead last by a bit and ended up 2nd in a 12 bike heat. In the main he took off in 3rd gear of a CRF100 and was in 2nd from the whole shot. By the first lap he was in first and never looked back. That BBR kit rocks
  4. So I ended up dropping the bike off with my mechanic before jumping the gun. I had did everything all you recommended and still no spark. He came back and told me it looks like something got caught between the crain and the ignition cover. Broke the cover and center case. knocked the pickup off the locating tab and bent the mounting bracket. got everything lined back up and we have spark. Ordered a new cover and going to check gap to see what we can do about the center case. While it is there I had a box full of stuff I gave him. My son is racing the bike and was clearly in first when this happened so I want to give him the edge this weekend. Get this all fixxed, installed a complete BBR big bore kit with cam, etc..., Pro tapers, BBR exhaust, AVS levers, the new CDI, and if it shows up in time a new rear spring to firm it up a bit. He primarily rides a RM125 but loves to race the CRF100 because he can man handle it and is fast on it for what it is. The bike is actually my wifes cruiser so I really bought the mods for her. I will give you guys a before and after of the bike once I get it back. Thanks for all the help.
  5. Well I am going to figure this all out tonight. I have all the plastics off and the tank off. I am going to use a multimeter and get a buddy to come by and see if he can shed some light on the electronics. I wish you guys lived in Northern California. HAHA If I cant figure it all out, off to the mechanic it goes I just hate wasting money on something simple I should be able to figure out. I want to again thank you all for the help.
  6. You my friend are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the electrical on these bikes. I am going to do exactly that tonight.
  7. What a great post. Thanks for the info.
  8. So my son was racing the CRF100 Sunday and out of nowhere it died. I thought for sure the new revbox I bought pooped out. We put the good stocker back in and still no spark. Only other thing I can think of is the stator. I can find them for $75+ all do or find them for about $20 for the 50cc/70cc I have found that they are the same type, but are these a direct swap from 50cc up to 100cc? Thanks everyone
  9. In a last effort I could always repair his cable but I think the KTM one will work. Just need it threaded on both sides. Hell I could always just buy a new carb/cable kit and look at this as an upgrade. HAHA
  10. So the boy snapped his cable on his 2007 PRC LXRR 50cc. I did some searching and thought I had the right cable until I realized both ends are threaded. The cable I purchased was NOT threaded on the carb side. Now I have always read the PRC, KTM, and King Cobra share many of the same parts. Does anyone know if the throttle cable is the same? Where can I find one? Thanks
  11. Thanks for the info. I was going to post in the Peewee section but it seems dead. I guess if we all keep thinking like that it will never change. I am going to buy the KTM tonight. Just seems like a great price. Now I need to figure out the clutch issue.
  12. Thatnks for all the info. I just got off the phone with the guy and he seems pretty damn honest. I think he actually needs the cash. He is including all the KTM gear as well. The only problem with the bike is the clutch is freezing up. He said it is common for bikes that sit. I am going to look into it now.
  13. HAHA You are right. I just fixxed it. I figure if I get the KTM I can use the money I save and purchase a cool sticker kit, a new silencer like FMF power core, and possibly new tires if needed. What I like and notice about KTM's is the stock pipe is polished and looks cool, If I had a nice shorty to it I might be able to pick up a bit more power. I don't think anything else is needed. Will the bike need to be jetted??? Whatelse would be needed to give it a little edge or is it all there?
  14. I know this is a life long question and I don't want to know the differance. What I want to know is where is the better deal. Both bikes are extremely clean and look great. I am buying one of them tonight. The KTM is $900. Looks to be all stock. Parts are more expensive, but the bike is a bit faster and has better stock performance. http://sacramento.craigslist.org/mcy/716338827.html The KX65 is $1200 very well maintained and has a new Wiseco piston and another new one to go with it. Guy is a mechanic and said his son simply outgrew it. Has tons of aftermarket. http://sacramento.craigslist.org/mcy/713021198.html Here is my thought process. The KX price is fixxed and has not been registered since 04. This tells me is has sat and is why the new piston was installed. It needs nothing to start racing. The KTM looks good and I have yet to speak with the owner, but with the money I save I can put a pipe, cool graphics, and some tires on it. My son is 9 and about 75lb's he is an animal on his CRF70 (much lesser a bike I know) and can simply outride the machine. In the couple races he has had he dominates in the turns and jumps, but the 2 strokes walk him in the straights. If that KTM is available I am going to pull the trigger I think. Please tell me your honest feedback. Thanks in advance.
  15. Do a search on Ebay and you will get nothing for a XR70. Search XR50 CRF50 CRF70 and BINGO you are in luck. Looking to sell my sons 03 XR70 and his plastics are pretty banged up. I was going to invest into some new Cheapo's just to make the sale look good. I am confused because CRF 50 and 70 show together but not a XR70. What gives.
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