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  1. joenuclear

    A little WR250R Poll.........

    2008 WRR, I'm 56.
  2. I've got an Acerbis 6.3 tank on my pig at the moment. I bought a 4.3 gallon Clarke from an inmate. [Thanks Ferdinand!] Question is, Will the Clarke clear the KTM fan I mounted on the right side radiator? Anyone know for sure? FYI, cross posted on ADV.
  3. joenuclear

    oil sight tube

    Why do you do that? Stop it!!!
  4. joenuclear

    650r air filter

    I spray a little silicone lube inside the airbox. It will catch some of the dust that gets past and serves as an indicator as the dust is more visible.
  5. joenuclear

    Xr 650 r

  6. If anyone has a 1995 XR250R down loadable manual I'd appreciate a PM. TIA
  7. I've searched Hi & Lo for the thread on the stator cover vent tube install and can't find it. Can anybody point me in the right direction?
  8. joenuclear

    ROX riser or triple clamp to add height?

    When you add risers to the stock triples the bars come up and back. The XRR is already cramped for me so I went with the triples to get height and room forward.
  9. joenuclear

    DS system for R using an L wiring harness

    Should work OK. Maintain good grounds and use dielectric grease where there is no chance it can bleed over into another connection.
  10. Ebay has the Edelbrocks at about $375.
  11. joenuclear

    XR650R Pro Circuit T4 Spark Arrestor Removal

    I don't think leaving it in will hurt anything and taking it out probably will not improve anything. The T4 should flow more than the XR will produce.
  12. joenuclear

    Show your PIG

    Christian69, Great looking XRR! What tank is that? What is the bottle tie wrapped to the frame for? I can't read the dyno chart can you tell us the peak horsepower and torque?
  13. There are a lot of vendors that will carry the parts you need, However..........All I needed was a brake light switch, tail light with a clear lower lens to shine on the tag and a bicycle horn plus the receipts to tag mine in Arkansas.
  14. joenuclear

    hairline crack in XR650R frame

    The proper fix is to grind out the break (crack) and weld it. It will never heal itself and can only get worse. Find a welder with the right experience and the fix should be less than an hour of shop time. Keep us posted on how it goes.
  15. joenuclear

    4.7 clarke reserve fix

    The Honda Baja team recommends pulling the petcock and cutting the reserve tube so that you don't depend on reserve. Watch your mileage and refill before you run out. Learn you Pigs appetite and you won't need reserve. Or get the big Acerbis tank and setup a filling station 160 miles into the ride. ;-)