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  1. Yeah you do. Looks like I'll be available that weekend too and will be planning to ride. Anyone else gonna be able to ride Oct 6 and 7? Baldwin area is good for me too. Little O, little mainistee, Lincoln Hills, tin cup, etc.
  2. Sure have. I did it last summer. Good riding for sure.. Lots of whoops tho.
  3. Lincoln Hills is a great ride too. It's close to baldwin. There are a lot of options in that area. I'm not dead set on only single track and that area has a lot of places to hop back and forth from the single track to the atv trails.
  4. I'm aware of the storms that rolled through. I was up there the day before but from what I've seen, a lot has been cleared and what's another couple obstacles to get past?
  5. Yeah, up into Michigan. There is no riding in northern Illinois that's worth a damn. Tomahawk is up near Wolverine and I did the shorter loop last weekend solo. It was great riding. Didn't see another soul on the loop. Wanted to do the bigger loops but thought since I was alone I'd play it safe. It's about a 6 hour drive for me but I'm willing to drive because like mentioned there's nothing down here. Evart is really fun too. I'm open to going where ever.
  6. 29th I can't either.. The weekend after that (4th - 7th) I'm available.
  7. Hey 17YZ250F, did you get out much this summer? I'm looking for riding pals myself. I'm from the Chicago area but have made about 5 trips up to Michigan in the last year. A couple times solo, a couple times with friends and once met a local up there. I'm looking to go out a couple times this month, possibly do some primitive camping. What kind of riding, pace, etc do you prefer?
  8. Maximus83

    Looking for people to ride with! IL, WI, MI

    I have an itch to do some primitive camping / riding this month. I have three days off the 16, 17, 18 and then 25, 26, 27. Could possibly take a day before or after off to accommodate someone else's schedule. I like to ride at a good pace but I'm not looking to ride balls out for three hours straight or cover 120 miles in a day. I enjoy taking breaks and making it home to my family after getting my two wheel fix. I'm 35, ride a 09 wr450 and have been riding most of my life. Coming from Illinois.
  9. Maximus83

    Waterfront lodging near Muskegon - Cadillac

    Hit me up when you do one of these trips. Maybe our women and little guys can kick it at a lake while we ride. I'm on my way home from gaylord and riding Tomahawk while the fam was at Otsego Lake.
  10. Maximus83

    Looking for people to ride with! IL, WI, MI

    What days next weekend are you thinking? I'm off Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.
  11. Maximus83

    Looking for people to ride with! IL, WI, MI

    Watching your video was like living my first trip to the little o all over again. Your commentary was exactly what I was saying to myself as I started the loop; "damn this is longer than I thought. The sand is sketchy and going to wear me out. Etc.." On my second trip up there it was so much better riding with someone vs alone. Alone I was cautious and slow, which is why the sand sucked. Once I started riding faster, the sand became fun. If you continue on to the Big O, the trail isn't as wide. Did you finish the little O that day?
  12. Maximus83

    Looking for people to ride with! IL, WI, MI

    Our riding this week: On the 27th we'll be riding the North Missaukee ATV trail which is much more forgiving than a Single track motorcycle trail. The terrain is a mix of dirt & sand, I would say probably 35% dirt & 65% sand with some really nice hills & berms. We would be leaving from my house in Manton riding 10 miles on a mix of roads to the beginning of the ATV trail (West end) then from there it's about a 35 mile trip out towards Moorestown then 35 back. I usually take a break about every 10 miles & wait multiple times during each 10 miles to make sure everyone has caught up. I don't mind waiting for people I just want everyone to have a great time and be safe (go at your own speed). We would stop 1/2 way & take a lunch break. You don't need plates for this trip but do need the ORV & trail pass though & we can pick those up on the way to the trailhead. The whole trip from my house is about 95 miles and there is gas at the beginning & at the 1/2 way point or where we turn around to come back. Plan is to leave around 1 or 2pm & probably be getting back around dusk depending on break times. On the 28th we will be riding a much longer loop on mostly snowmobile trails / seasonal roads / public roads and all dirt is my goal. I'm still planning this route out so I don't have a total miles yet but my guess would be around 150miles but remember that will be travelling at probably 25 to 50 mph & you will need to be plated for this one. Not sure on the start time yet for this one though I can imagine we will be getting back at dusk so a light would be mandatory. I'm 50 but ride a lot and do trips of these distances on a regular basis. Like I said though I don't mind waiting although would warn you we will be going thru some sandy areas & you would need some skill with that. We don't really have the 29th planned out yet but some options would be, Leetsville ATV, Grand traverse MT, Missaukee Junction ATV or Long lake MT.
  13. Maximus83

    Looking for people to ride with! IL, WI, MI

    Anyone else?