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  1. No oil in the coolant and coolant in the oil. I dropped it off to my to my dealer today, intresting to get the report. Keep you posted! Thanks
  2. I have a mate whom is truck mechanic by trade, he claims to know his bikes. He tells me the brushes in my 520 01 exc starter motor need replacing as it has a second of delay when starting and sometimes it struggles to turn , and my battery will lose charge every couple of weeks. Battery is new. Anyone got any ideas
  3. Anyone know whats going on when I've got slight traces of oil in the small amount of coolant comming from the bleeder hole on the left side of the head.. A little concerned???? I have had the cam modific:crazy: ation done at a KTM dealer 12 months ago. Any imput would be greatlt appreciated
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    01 520 EXc......

    Anyone know whats going on with the coolant bleeder on the left of the head when it has a slight trace of oil comming out with the small traces of coolant?.... A little worried!!! I have had the cam mod done at a KTM dealer 12 months ago. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Hey there, Ive had my 520 for just over a year now, and I'd have to say allround it's an awsome bike! It does a certain rattles at different rev ranges, but im told it is just Ktm thumpers. I ride it to work (3k return) dailey and get offroad on the weekends and rips in all areas. And extremlely reliable! I have to agree with lgst75 in regards to the main grunt being low to midrange, but once you adjust it's incredibly sweet to ride. Absolutely love my Kato and I'm never bying anything else!