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    Exploring the Sierra's on my FE570.I'm an aspiring Flamenco Guitarist and a music connoisseur. Music~playing, listening to and collecting.

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  1. That makes for a fun loop. I found a perfect place to park the truck off Rock Creek Rd. about a mile or so after turning onto Rock Creek from Georgetown Rd. You might be able to fit two trucks. Take Rock Creek up to the upper trails, take trail 1 down to bridge crossing, make your way to Darling Ridge, ending up on 193 Georgetown Rd. and back to Rock Creek. You can do many variations of that loop like more trails etc... but it's a cool ds ride. Rock Creek Rd has some nice views heading up. Here's a clip of the paved part starting from my little staging area.
  2. JoePass

    no go, see ya next time

    There's places to ride below the snow line if you know where to look.
  3. I'm more of a lurker on TT but when the Kings send the Lakers home to La La land with their tail between their legs on a last second buzzer beater I get a little giddy....and maybe few too many adult beverages compliments of my Laker fan buddy, who was talkin smack the entire game up until the last second.......ha ha Punked by the Boganator ! I know I know...Off Topic , maybe nobody gives a shit and...f it I got to be up in five hours for work.... out !
  4. JoePass

    Rubicon 2018

    No, that was the other massive fire that happened a few years ago. King fire, I think. The Foresthill fire happened before the King, I'm pretty sure. Both were monsters, though.
  5. JoePass

    Rubicon 2018

    I was toolin' around up there a couple weeks ago and rode through that fire ravaged area. Forgot how big that fire was.
  6. JoePass

    Rubicon 2018

    Helluva ride and nice report. Thanks for sharing.
  7. JoePass

    Valvoline Syn 20w-50: Shift Quality?

    Ditto, exclusively......
  8. JoePass

    Random Music Thread

    Crazy shit happening in this pit. I was at this show and all the other Slayer/Exodus shows at Ruthie's in Berkley back in the 80's. This is where it all started and why Metallica moved from LA to the Bay Area. The world reknown Bay Area Bangers. Actually smoked a bowl with Hetfield in the Big O Tires parking lot across the street from Ruthies.
  9. JoePass

    Random Music Thread

    You're right when you say it's all subjective. People like what they like and that's cool. When you throw in words like versatility, creativity and feeling, if you look at the body of work with Uli there's not a style of music that he hasn't explored and recorded (except rap) going back to his work with the Scorpions in the 70's (which,imo, the old Scorps albums with Uli are their best) to Electric Sun, where he took his Hendrix influence to a new dimention, and his classical recordings and so on. This man's body of work says it all and even today, an old man, he's still going strong. Don't get me wrong, I like Page, I've got all the old Zeppelin albums and have seen "The song remains the same" a zillion times. I just kinda got burnt out on them. The thing with Uli is he never got the notoriety that Page has and that's because for him it's always been about the music. The reason he parted ways with the Scorpions is because they wanted to pursue a more mainstream style and sure enough it worked for them. You want to talk about versatility, this man wrote the book. You want to talk about feeling, this one makes me cry.
  10. JoePass

    Random Music Thread

    I'd take Blackmore over Page in that debate. Just my opinion, but I'd take Uli Roth over both of them hands down.
  11. JoePass

    Foresthill - Sat 10/13

    No ride report? I wanted to hook up with for this one but had some things to take care of in the morning and got a very late start. I did, however, pass you in the town of Foresthill as you were coming down. I had a cool solo ride.
  12. JoePass

    Skippy's Random Thought Thread

    Has anyone ever noticed how squirrels like to have fun with dirtbikers by waiting on the side of the trail then darting across right in front of you? Squirrels like to have fun too, until they get run over.
  13. JoePass

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    I'm right there with you,Bolt. It's refreshing to see someone actually telling it like it is, as pc ness seems to rule these days. I know....not a political forum so carry on... the love of my life...
  14. JoePass

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    So what are you saying to that dude getting harrassed by cops? Love the pics,btw, especially the trail 6.