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  1. Joshkozz

    Xr200 Rear Shock ReBuild?

    My seal blew on my rear shock on my 02 xr 200 and i know you can rebuild the front shocks but is it possible to rebuild the rear shock?
  2. Joshkozz

    Yamaha Rhino Exhaust

    My dad has a 06 Rhino n wants to put a big gun exhaust system on it... I saw in a few places that it is pretti nice on it. He likes the sound of it on my xr 200. Does any one kno about if the big gun is a good decision??..I was wonderin if there are any othe aftermarket systems for it?...forgot to mention he only takes it out to state parks (doesnt trust me n my older bro with it)so it needs to meet the requirements for that to.. Thanks
  3. Joshkozz

    Stock XR200R Rear Shock

    Hi, i was wondering if there is any way at all to stiffen the stock rear suspension on my XR200r with out having to spending to much money? Thanks
  4. Joshkozz

    2001 xr200 jetting/mods

    thanks for the ads alex.. i think im going to buy the five kit..never know if u may want to change lol
  5. Joshkozz

    XR200 front fender

    I stole his idea and cut the 3 inches off the front fender the bike looks a whole lot better.. i havent road it that much yet so i dont know if it makes a diffence riding. Thanks for the tip hondad
  6. Joshkozz

    A headlight for an XR200R

    i found the pink wire underneathe the tank... My brother is gettin a uni lite for his 250 and im taking his old lite all i need to do now is get and mount the regulator and wire it. Thanks
  7. Joshkozz

    XR200 exhaust suggestions

    im a little late but i have a big gun that is allowed in state parks but it has ridiculous low end ...i got it for $420.00
  8. Joshkozz

    Just bought a 200 XR 200....what should I do to it

    Sry bout that didnt relize how i worded it
  9. Joshkozz

    A headlight for an XR200R

    I am looking to put a headlite on my 02 XR200R.I dont need the taillight or the turnsignals. I saw kindof how to wire it from the sticky and Where can i get the 12volt regulator?.. where should i mount that? or do i even need that? Lastly, what would be the best way to wire it.
  10. Joshkozz

    Just bought a 200 XR 200....what should I do to it

    i Have and 02 Xr200R and i bought a complete exhaust system from Big Gun called the EVO X it really improved my lowend tourqe an my top speed was changed some I think it was somewere around $420.00. The sticky also really helped.
  11. Joshkozz

    XR200R Modification Guide

    I have an 02 xr200 and im intrested in a head lightand want to know what kind of light did you go with in the front? How was it Mounted? Were did u get it? Also, thanks for the tips the jetting really helped me out. To add to the exhaust i put an Big Gun evo x on it and it gives me great low end and is quiet enough for the state parks it cost $420.00. Lastly im lookin at the k and n air filter for it... am i making the right choice or should i go with something else. Thanks
  12. Joshkozz

    2001 xr200 jetting/mods

    i have an 02 xr 200 and wanted to know what company did you go with for your jet kits?
  13. I have a 2002 Xr200 with an Evo X big gun exhuast and i want to jet it, who would make a good jet kit for my bike? Also, what kind of air cleaner should i go with?