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  1. DMauro

    Anderson is Webb's bitch now

    why is this even a topic, anderson managed the over all on a bad night!! you make alot more money and raise your value with a championship just look at dungy's bank account......
  2. i have a 2017 kxf 250 i put the 2018 intake cam in yosh pipe and toyko mods remap. still not what im looking for off bottom, has anyone done more work to get bottom end
  3. DMauro

    KX250F 2013 oil consumption

    did you change valve seal guides when you rebuilt, and 10 hours they do burn some oil I check oil evey day i ride just in case.
  4. DMauro

    Will the 2013 kxf plastics fit the 2009 - 2012 kxfs?

    dont know about 11-12 but will not fit 09-10
  5. DMauro

    Backfire on decel. 09' kx250f

    ^ yes 45 pilot in this cold weather the 42 in summer
  6. DMauro

    2010 kx 250f problem

    try a 42 or a 45 pilot , im running a 45 now in middle of summer you can drop to a 42, i start my bike with my hand no bullshit! with stock bike run a nycs neddle . i cant belive people could ride this bike with the stock 40 pilot bike has a mad bog.
  7. DMauro

    Backfiring 2009 KX250F

    yes 42 in summer and 45 in winter, i left the 42 in with the cold weather i will get a little backfire but not bad once it warms up it will be fine
  8. DMauro

    2011 kx250f fork revalve

    ^ yea i would go with mb1 or Fc dont mees around with others you might not get what your looking for.
  9. DMauro

    handling for 2012

    as far as triple clamps i have 20mm rg3 clamps on my 2010. the 2012 comes with 22.5mm clamps if you want the bike to turn sharper you lower the offset thats why i put 20s on my bike are they wort it im not sure but they do help
  10. DMauro

    handling for 2012

    valving and spring are 2 difrent things,first you put the right springs on for your wt. then ride and see if you need the valving to be changed. you should be fine with just springs as i said the valving is good on the 2012.
  11. DMauro

    handling for 2012

    i would just do the springs first,the valving is really good on the 12
  12. DMauro

    handling for 2012

    dont be scared away from the kxf it is most likly the best overall bike built with just one falt about halfway threw long ruts butfor fast riders you wouldnt even notice. just get it and enjoy!
  13. DMauro

    handling for 2012

    i have had a 2007 09 and 2010 kxf 250,rode a 2012 also. i have done numorous suspension revalves 22mm,20 mm clamps plus other mods. the kxf has very stable perdictable handling. the only area the kxf strugles is in the ruts its just not as easy as some other brands. the kxf is a grat bike and im sure the honda is also the last one i rode was a 2010 with fc suspension and it handle great. you cant go wrong with another honda.
  14. DMauro

    Service Manual & Oil Changes & Forks

    also after you drain the oil give a few slow kicks to get out all the oil.
  15. DMauro

    Service Manual & Oil Changes & Forks

    i have been using 1 full L, for years now