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  1. ok right on. i thought they may be like the older style ones. Thanks alot
  2. quick question. will 09 450EXC valves be adjustable? new to KTM Thanks
  3. Thorman23

    My 2010 RMZ250

    awesome looking bike man!
  4. Thorman23

    air time

    that's awesome man!
  5. Thorman23

    ERZBERGRODEO 2010 - Lots of photos

    that looks insane, awesome pics man
  6. Thorman23

    New look on the 08'!

    awesome looking bike man, very clean. not to copy you, but that is a definet possibility for my bike. I kind of just want to go back to the factory plastics with black rims.
  7. Thorman23

    Whos got the most modded dirtbike???

    2008 CRF 250R RG3 top clamp SSS suspension revalve front and back hinson clutch works connection levers w/hotstart Renthal Carmichael bend bars decal worcs custom graphics pro wheel front/back rims/spokes/hubs D4 performance high compression piston d4 performance valve springs/retainers black ziptie holding number plate on...haha just kidding..but seriously scorpion sprockets, renthal chain works connection rad braces thats about it.. not much but it does the job..Jay Burke's old race bike
  8. Thorman23

    anyone own a pro's old bike (pic)

    My bike used to belong to Jay Burke, hes a Canadian pro, he currently has a shattered pelvis so he couldn't race at all this year. He's ranked #10 in Canada which i think is cool. This is his race bike from last year.
  9. Thorman23

    Barcia Helmet Cam

    wow, this kid is amazingly fast. He sure does like that rev limiter though, oh well whatever works for him i guess. http://www.youtube.com/user/mxmark#play/uploads/0/lfbFyjddI68
  10. Thorman23

    2010 Crf250r

    Nice looking bike, definetly going to miss the look of the twin pipe though
  11. Thorman23

    CRF/X street legal?

    hey guys i was just wondering if anyone in Ontario has been able to register a CRF450X?
  12. Thorman23

    Is the CRF/X street legal?

    ok thanks guys..like i said i havent checked with the registration people yet because I dont have the bike. But I won't buy the bike without knowing it can be made street legal
  13. Thorman23

    Is the CRF/X street legal?

    I haven't done that yet but I've heard that they are trying to put a stop to it. Aparently theres something in the serial number that wont let it be registered:excuseme: There doing this because people were taking CRF 50's and making them street legal and people didn't like it i guess. I dont know this is just wat i was told by a dealer
  14. Thorman23

    Is the CRF/X street legal?

    Hey guys I'm from Ontario and was just wondering if you can make a CRF/X street legal, some dealers have told me that you can and some told me that you cant. I'm lookin to sell my crf250r and go to a 450x.