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  1. 06crf_er

    timber ridge mx park

  2. 06crf_er

    A gift for Johny Airtime

    Well played cummins
  3. 06crf_er

    EFR Conditions

    Thanks a lot man....much appreciated.
  4. 06crf_er

    Seat Repair

    I've stitched a couple up successfully with a regular needle and thread that have gone on to last quite a bit longer. Well worth the effort IMO.
  5. 06crf_er

    Looking for People to ride with in Portland Area

    How so?? Good trails? What trails did you ride? Muddy??
  6. 06crf_er

    Moving to Chapel Hill, NC...riding spots?

    Sounds great man. I appreciate the info. I don't mind driving a bit for good riding.
  7. 06crf_er

    04 cr250 project

    Not sure 100% but it looks like it's got a wire going to it. Hour meter?
  8. 06crf_er

    Carolina Riders Connection

    So.....I'll be moving to Chapel Hill in April. I posted another thread to discuss riding spots and potential rides. I'd love to meet up with anyone in the general area for a ride and have you guys show me around if it's possible. Thanks!
  9. 06crf_er

    4 stroke header dents

    YZ Kid is right...depending on the severity of the dents it works perfectly. I've done it many times. Depending on where the dent is and if you can get it to sit upright without corking the ends and still have water fully surrounding the dent you might not need to cork the ends.
  10. Hey guys....I'm going to be heading back to the east coast as of April and would love some input on what there might be to ride in the area of Chapel Hill, NC. Mainly I'm interested in trails but also wouldn't mind knowing what tracks might be in the area also. An info you all have is greatly appreciated. I'm looking forward to the move and meeting any east coast tt'ers that might be in the area. Thanks in advance for any and all info! :ride:
  11. 06crf_er

    slow motion video Reed,Stewart crash

    Can't wait for the mudder in Anaheim!!! Git r done!!!
  12. 06crf_er

    I [I]must[/I] select a prefix!

    I like your style.
  13. 06crf_er

    I [I]must[/I] select a prefix!

    Don't do it! Ud will ban you!!!