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  1. drzoomn

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    yeah, i had driven it long ago with a Z3 then with a Boxster. i remember it being rougher, but the pavement was perfect. i was staying near gatlinburg which was a zoo and was worried it would be crowded, but it was nearly deserted. aside from the harley douchebags, everyone else was really nice and let motos pass, including cagers. i do try to be nice when stuck behind people, especially obvious noobs and girls (not that they're less of riders, just a manors thing )but those guys saw me and would not move for like 8 minutes, they were clearly unwilling to let someone pass them. morons.
  2. drzoomn

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    ok, not a pic, but a video. i finally made it to TN/NC with a moto to ride the dragon and made a little vid of my ride, enjoy... aside from being an awesome ride on the twisties, i took Parsons Branch "Rd" from Cades Cove in the Smoky Mtn NP and it was a dual sport blast! it was essentially a rough one way dirt road with a bunch of water crossings and a few ruts here and there to keep it interesting. not exactly black diamond off-roading, but with my SM tires on it was enough to keep it interesting. i thought it was just going to be a boring gravel road, but it was way more fun than that. i did some video on that road too, but with the camera mounted on my rear rack, but it didn't look as good from that position. i moved it half way to the front wheel view, but foobar'ed it when i forgot to press record which sucked too as i'm sure the water crossings looked cool from that angle
  3. drzoomn

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    it tops out at like 80mph/7500rpm. i really need taller gearing, but afaik the stock S gearing is as tall as it gets. i think it's a 15/41, maybe 44, i can't remember. the bike has a weird stumble at like 7200rpm and WOT, i need to sort that.
  4. drzoomn

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    here's my motard dr350 in the twisties, kings mtn rd, woodside ca...
  5. drzoomn

    Supermoto wheels stock kickstand ?

    i cut mine and welded a small piece of steel on the end. if you can't weld just cut it and take it to a muffler shop or something.
  6. drzoomn

    Test results for 12 oz. Lithium battery in DR650

    i think when you have to say "this is not a shameless plug" the gig is already up. i appreciate new stuff, and the people that try to sell it, but after reading this my only surprise was that your post count wasn't something like "3". good luck in this thread not getting deleted.
  7. drzoomn

    350S electrical woes

    yep new one is on the charger now, thx y'all.
  8. drzoomn

    350S electrical woes

    ha, yeah. i fully believe batteries can die, i just have never had one die in this fashion. where it works perfectly fine for months then dies out while riding it home one night. usually it gets weaker and weaker when starting until it finally won't start the bike.
  9. drzoomn

    350S electrical woes

    hmm, well it's charging now. that battery barely 2 years old and ridden pretty regularly, especially in the last few months, and most times it was not being ridden it was being battery tendered. i just have never seen a battery crap out so fast. usually it's more of a slow bleed.
  10. drzoomn

    350S electrical woes

    hmm, maybe, i thought it had a newer battery but just remembered that was an older bike. i still doubt that is the case as it has been working flawlessly for the last few months, and it's decline from working well to not working at all happened in a span of less than 6hrs.
  11. drzoomn

    350S electrical woes

    ok, so i was coming home from a night on the town and i ran out of gas (couldn't reach petcock fast enough). i pull over, switch to reserve and go to start the bike and it was kinda weak and didn't want to start. i was on the shoulder of the freeway and had earplugs in so i wasn't sure if it was me or the bike, but after a few tries it turns over and started up. so i chalked it up to low gas and trying to start it in gear (clutch pulled). bike ran fine, even at idle. then before i got home i stopped for gas and as soon as i killed the motor all the lights went out dash/headlight, everything. so i scratch my head, fill up and was able to bump start the bike to drive it a short distance home. so since then i haven't touched the bike as i've had other stuff going on and i have another bike to use anyway. i check the voltage across the battery and it's around 12-12.5, but as soon as i turn the ignition on it drops to like 7-8v and nothing works. i've looked around for bunk wires, but the initial survey looks good. main fuse checks out ok, and has the 7-8v when ignition is on. where should i start? haven't had this kind of fun before.
  12. drzoomn

    Considering long distance high speed commute

    oh, and either way you go get a throttle lock. it's like cruise control for bikes. my buddy let me borrow his 1150 GS to drive from SF to Bend OR and the throttle lock was great for my arms and wrist.
  13. drzoomn

    Considering long distance high speed commute

    ok ok ok, i know, i'm going to get hated and flamed for this, but i'm gonna say it. keep yer DR, and get a bigger bike for commuting. you'll be happier. yes, i know, the DR can do the commute every day and if it's all you can afford or want, well, i won't judge or blame you. it's your life. go nuts. that said. when i started commuting more i bought a used '98 triumph tiger and i freakin LOVED it. the smooth as butter 900cc triple was a joy to ride on both my ass and my wrist. that bike could cruise at 90-100 mph all day and could do sprints to 120+ without much effort. anyway i look at bikes like tools for a job. get the right tool you'll be happy. have lots of tools you'll be happier good luck with the job action.
  14. drzoomn

    Newbie looking for DR/DRZ recommendations

    if you're cheap, the DR 350 is a better bike. i've owned both, they are both fun, but i find the DRZ feels heavier off road. the DR seems to have a lower center of gravity that made me feel more confident on trails. the DR's lower seat is also more comfortable than the DRZs 2x4. in the end, they are both great bikes that will do what you want and they both have a decent aftermarket. if you get the DR spend the money on a pumper carb and you'll be happy.
  15. drzoomn

    DR Motard Gearing

    oh hey, don't be like that, it wasn't meant to be mean. really, i swear. i was just trying to be funny. that's why i even said "like a guy" not like you're saying that. really seriously it's a dumb joke. not meant to be mean. i even followed it up with a serious bit of advice. if you want more get up and go, you need to start with a pumper carb. i think that and a 15 or 16 is how you can get your compromise. otherwise you really have to chose if you're not willing to run a 15, and since you said a 15 doesn't give you the get up and go you want, then again, i say, why even consider the 16? in the end front sprockets aren't terrible expensive or hard to install. so get a 14 and see if it jives for you on the freeway. good luck! and really, don't be sore, i wasn't trying to flame you, i was just trying to make a point that you can't have it both ways if you're only gonna change gearing.