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    KX 65 suspension

    what is the rule for setting sag on a KX65? If there was a competitive 4 stroke for this class he would be on it Higgy426
  2. I know this is a suspension question and yes I did post it there as well. what is the rule for setting sag on a KX65? If there was a competitive 4 stroke for this class he would be on it Higgy426
  3. higgy426

    need left side radiator!!!

    That is the right side radiator thanx anyway
  4. Anyone have a used 01 yz426 left side( shifter side) radiator to sell? Higgy426
  5. Just got back from one of the best rides I have had. Being from Wisconsin I don't get to do any sand riding. I want to thank all that helped us out(broken radiator) and say hi to all the people I met. If anyone was there this weekend I was in the 6 door orange Ford F350. I will definitly go back.
  6. higgy426

    Bubba's Dance

    This is America right? CCArl must be from Cuba!! It is opinions like his that are dangerous to our freedoms. Like the song says "He can dance if he wants do" Also "opinions are like &%$#@! everyone's got one and they all stink" Even yours CCarl!!!
  7. Watched video and took notes, very instructional. Some of the stuff I knew and some I didn't. No good to me now. 15.00 plus shipping Let me know
  8. higgy426


    how far is cooperland from the lil sahara? and are there any tracks closer to the lil sahara?
  9. It happened to my buddies 04 yz250 to a tee and his was covered under warranty from yamaha. Parts and labor. higgy426
  10. higgy426

    how to add pics

    how do you add pics to posts?
  11. Anyone have a old 426 manual laying around that they don't need cause they have a newer bike? I misplaced mine and cannot find.
  12. higgy426

    milky oil ????

    After a good ride on my 01 426 milky white oil comes out of my overflow after it is sitting for awhile. But when I change the oil it is not mixed with antifreeze So what is going on?
  13. higgy426

    PW 50 question

    I heard you can put yz 50 foot pegs on a pw 50 (to get rid of those dumb rubber ones that come stock) has anyone ever done this?
  14. ok what was first? Did metzger do the back flip first in comp at the x games or gravity games Pastrana did not compete in the x games but was a reporter at the X games with his knee all braced up and on crutches I am guessing from his crash at the gravity games. or am I missing something.