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  1. Shawn250

    Just bought a 16 YZ450FX

    You can plug in a tuner and get the hours. Cant comment on the standard skid plate im using Devol skid plate Enjoy the bike
  2. The maps that Yamaha have posted they are using the fueling for detuning purposes not for load conditions, why run richer on fueling on hard pack ? there is very little load on hard pack.
  3. I see the 50 years experience showing, you have forgotten what you have read and just make up cr@p as you go along. Your overheating issue with 50/50 mixture is probably due to your mapping running too lean. I think you need to take your afternoon nap now
  4. Please go learn about AF mixtures and then talk to me, while you there learn something about cooling. 😉 With your vast experience of riding in your snake pit I would have expected you to be a bit more knowledgeable.
  5. Please go troll on the coolent issue page I did not put up this post for your benefit, you allready know everything about dirt bikes and more.
  6. Shawn250

    2007 YZ450 Overheating

    Dont add water to engine ice, read the instructions on the bottle. I have used engine ice and its way better than any anti freeze i have tried. Bike runs cooler, it doesnt push the internal temps up, so it doesnt put any undue stress on the engine
  7. Shawn250

    2006 yz450f backfire issue

    Valve clearance could be out or even valve timing may have jumped. When last did you check clearances and change cam chain ?
  8. Im not going to argue with you, mapping too lean or rich is the same as changing jets on a carburetor, it does negatively affect your engine. Without a AF sensor you are working on how the bike feels and you could be way off and not having it running efficiently. I posted this map for other owners who want to try a different map from standard and this map has really worked for me.
  9. Maybe I should have clarified. Yamaha set the bike up with all zeros on fueling for the most accurate mixture on a standard bike, if you start modding - changing pipe , flowing head , putting in HC piston or bigbore kits then you will need to change the mixture to match the mods as you will probably be running to lean as the mods require more fuel to get the AF mixture correct. Once the AF mixture is correct then you should not be changing that to try reduce performance etc as all you will be doing is making the motor run too rich or too lean which both is not good. Changing the timing will make enough difference to be felt as well as not negatively affect the motor.
  10. Ive been playing with lots of mapping settings for the last 5 months, I ride and race from tech rock riding to fast hard pack, 3hr to 4 hr races. Find this setting gives good power out of corners and helps for wiskey throttle when you get tired, doesnt pull your arms off on the straights but still quick enough. I dont adjust the FI setting it is all set to 0's, as i dont believe it should be played with unless you have a air/fuel sensor and dyno to get the correct mixture. I found changing Ignition timing works well enough on its own. Im busy playing with setting now for rocks as well as sandy sections on same ride, will post when im happy with it.
  11. Shawn250

    2007 YZ450 Overheating

    This contradicts your statement of straight coolent
  12. Shawn250

    2014 yz450f problem

    Set the timing first and try it again. Start from the cheapest items to check first or replace
  13. Shawn250

    Spark plug and jetting question

    Spark plugs will run up to a 100 hrs easily on a 4 stroke. The symptoms you explaining sounds more like a lean condition, as Steve says its probably time for a carb overall
  14. Number 1, download a manual, it will explain the procedures. Clutch arm that the cable connects to and operates the clutch rod can wear, as well as the clutch rod can wear. Often people forget to put the ball bearing in that runs on the end of the clutch rod and then wonder why the clutch does not work correctly. If you can explain what you are experiencing it would help in guiding you.