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  1. Shawn250

    Spark plug and jetting question

    Spark plugs will run up to a 100 hrs easily on a 4 stroke. The symptoms you explaining sounds more like a lean condition, as Steve says its probably time for a carb overall
  2. Number 1, download a manual, it will explain the procedures. Clutch arm that the cable connects to and operates the clutch rod can wear, as well as the clutch rod can wear. Often people forget to put the ball bearing in that runs on the end of the clutch rod and then wonder why the clutch does not work correctly. If you can explain what you are experiencing it would help in guiding you.
  3. Shawn250

    Valves YZ450F???

    Yz450 valves should easily do 100 plus hours unless you are not cleaning your air filter or not installing air filter correctly.
  4. Shawn250

    First bike

    All depends on the type of person you are, some people just never get the hang of riding a 450, others can learn on them and ride well. Just take it easy in the beginning and dont force your self to keep up with friends who have been riding a while, thats when it generally goes wrong.
  5. Shawn250

    06' YZ450F hard to kick

    You can also try taking out the plug and kicking the motor over to see if it is still hard to kick, you should just feel the tension of the valve springs. if still hard then, piston or bottom end has a problem. If it kicks easy with plug out, then your exhaust cam is the problem.
  6. Shawn250

    06' YZ450F hard to kick

    Cam timing first look i would have said its out but looking at other pics on the net it does look correct, manual picture seems to show the incorrect number of chain links between the marks which is weird as other 450's i have had you can count the links from mark to mark to get it exactly right as per manual. I think you need to remove the exhaust cam and double check the movement of the pin or if you can get another cam to test.
  7. Shawn250

    06' YZ450F hard to kick

    Sounds like the decompressor is not working correctly. I would remove the exhaust cam and check that everything is working correctly on it. Pin needs to push the one valve open to allow it too release compression and kick easier
  8. Shawn250

    2019 yz450f vs FX gearing

    That comes down to personal choice, I prefer the gears a bit closer.
  9. Shawn250

    Crankcase damage. Help!

    Im really surprised that your chain broke at 50 hrs, I get over 100hrs on a chain and rear sprocket, front sprocket close to 50 hrs.
  10. Shawn250

    2019 yz450f vs FX gearing

    Gearing works well for me on the FX with a 51 rear, I ride a mix of terrain from very tech where I use first and then also flat out 5th. I all depends on the terrain you riding, I havent done a GNCC but from videos it looks medium to fast pace so the MX box should work fine.
  11. Shawn250

    YZF Pics

  12. Shawn250

    YZF Pics

    Trying to find some pics of your rides but dont see any updated threads. Try and revive this topic
  13. Shawn250

    Keefer tested shootout

    I have heard of him thats why I put the smiley
  14. Shawn250

    Wr450 noise

    2015 is a 4 valve head the 2007 is a 5 valve, doubt it will fit.
  15. Shawn250

    Keefer tested shootout

    Never heard of him ­čśë