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  1. MXkid714

    Favorite Valve Stem Caps

    the ones with the hex head so i can crank on them with a wrench and make sure they never come off
  2. MXkid714

    what was your worst/best wreck

    yeah that was me lol
  3. MXkid714

    what was your worst/best wreck

    thats me on the suzuki being pole vaulted off my bike after the first turn
  4. gonnna say id rather drive my rusty honda than that truck. def more manly
  5. MXkid714

    Race license requirements if any

    I wish some of these local races had license exams....hahaha
  6. Thinking about buying this 05 colorado. We had one of these in the family a few years ago, pretty much the same exact truck and i loved it until it got totaled from hitting a deer and replaced with a 1500. I went and looked at this truck last weekend, pretty much no surprises from the craigslist ad. The rear bumper had some rot, the front bumper is cracked and the fog lights dont work. Interior is 6/10 but nothing is ripped or cracked. Bed is scratched up. Drives nice though, new brakes are evident and it shifts well, no noises in the front end or anything. Underneath is pretty clean, frame looks good and no rotted fuel or brake lines. My main concern is if its worth what he's asking. No room on the price because the guy has a loan on it and doesnt want to go upside down. Heres the ad, tell me what you guys think. He wants $5500 This is a 2005 Colorado, great little truck, 91000 miles, awesome on gas, 2 door, 2 wheel drive, 4 cylinders, 5 speed manual transmission, new tires on sport rims, new brakes, new front wheel bearings, new windshield (from rock not accident), oil change every 3000 miles... well maintained truck... does have small area of peeled paint and small crack on bottom right of front bumper and some rust on bottom of rear bumper... but that is all for rust on this truck. comfortable manual seats, clean inside except for small amount of dried caulk on passenger seat and a few light scratches on dash above glove box, automatic day time running lights, sliding rear window, manual locks and windows. ][
  7. MXkid714

    Rutted Track Critique

    Those little jumps are actually one big double called the 105 but its actually like 90ft. everyone always trys to throw down there best scrub there lol
  8. MXkid714

    Rutted Track Critique

    What ruts? haha that looks like a pretty good day for Rocky hill. Are they open now?
  9. Air. Keep it clean inside the tube and it should feel fine.
  10. MXkid714

    what oil should i use in my 125 2 stroke

    atf, 32:1, 93 pump /thread hahaha serious answer: they all work, just keep it fresh whatever you pick. I run atf because its cheap and provides good clutch action. YMMV
  11. MXkid714

    Lets see The Rm's

    mine..currently no graphics, running privateer style haha
  12. MXkid714

    Good old fashion mx fight

    haha! who were they?
  13. MXkid714

    10 minutes of 2 stroke

    Oldie, but goodie.
  14. MXkid714

    Do any of you ride by yourself?

    Something ive always wondered... if you're by yourself at the track, get hurt and go to the hospital. How do you get back to the track? Or if the situation is worse, what happens to your truck and your bike and all your stuff?
  15. MXkid714

    Truck for $5000

    If you can get by without back seats, any relatively modern small truck with a 4cyl and 5 speed would get sick mileage, have a 6ft bed and still be fun. Just cant tow much