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  1. Scott_F

    Anodizing my frame.

    Don't do it. Why? Many of the above statements are correct. You must remove all steel from the frame before anodizing. That's a real pain, and not feasible/possible with some inserts. A few years ago, I got carried away, and pimped out the swingarm on my YZF. I only did this because a truck driver from a plating shop hit my truck, and I got it done for free. It would have cost hundreds. This is how it went down: Pressed out the swingarm bearings. Stripped off all the paint that I could. The primer would not come off with stripper. Ground down and smoothed all the welds. The anodizer polished the swingarm to a mirror finish, clear anodized it, and bright dipped it for a chrome like finish. It looked like a polished swingarm, but it never needed to be polished. The center casting turned out a beautiful satin light gray finish, the welds were a slightly darker gray, and the arms were like mirrors. It turned out so beautiful, that it should have been in a museum. I miss that swingarm.
  2. Scott_F

    I give up! I don't know what's wrong......

    Martin, your problem reminds me of similar symptoms with my old YZFs. Check your exhaust system very thoroughly for an exhaust leak, especially around the header to cylinder joint.
  3. Scott_F

    Fixed head pipe.......Cool!

    Those high pressures are scary because if the red hot metal blows out, it would destroy human flesh. I would stand well clear and to the rear. The other danger would be a plug blowing out and nailing somebody. Be careful out there, and try to keep your injuries on the track.
  4. Scott_F

    TM chain guides,buffers???

    Dave, I have used both. The slider is very loud, but will not wear out. I won't buy another one. The guide is a great product, and I highly recommend it.
  5. Scott_F

    First ride today. Who needs a 2 stroke.

    Check out this beauty: Storm skid plate
  6. Scott_F

    0-30w Mobile one in the outer chambers

    Shawn inspired me to try the Mobil 1 0W-30 in the outer chamber. The improvement was fantastic! But, there are other factors that also made my fork work better. Today was only my second ride on my new bike, so the fork bushings are still breaking in. I also installed .44 springs along with 400cc of the Mobil 1 0W-30. Even considering those circumstances, I highly recommend that others try this oil, and it's only 5 bucks a quart!
  7. Scott_F

    Who has ridden I5MX (Hungry Valley)?

    You will find more on ProRide.com.
  8. Scott_F

    Pros jerseys' different than what we can buy?

    The main difference is that the pro's jerseys have a large "S" on the inner layer, chest high, which cannot be seen on the outside without x-ray vision.
  9. Scott_F

    RC on a 450 for Supercross?

    Just in: RC on crutches for SX.
  10. Scott_F

    SDG tall seat

    I'm friends with the guys at SDG, and I visit them occasionally since they are nearby. I can't get my seat to fit either, as the brackets are too far back, or there is some sort of interference. I even ovalled the four bracket holes to move them rearwards. They say that it is the two tabs on the subframe that cause the problem. Hmm... ...the stock seat fits perfectly. I desperately want that seat to fit, so maybe I should take my bike down there and ask them to try and install it.
  11. Scott_F

    Review: Carbon Fiber Airbox for CRF450

    That's funny. I was recently thinking about that guy since I just bought an '04, and the air box sucks so bad. Here is the corrected link: http://www.cmtracingusa.com
  12. Scott_F

    storm link question

    I believe the change is miniscule.
  13. Scott_F

    Broken arm, how long until I can ride ?

    I know it's your drug, but you gotta stay off the bike for at least 6 weeks, 8 would be better. Unless you are 15, then you can ride the week after next.
  14. Scott_F

    Fill me in

    Your first dirt bike ever? Be sure that the bike has not been abused or blown up. It might be useful to measure the valve clearance. Look for signs of engine disassembly.
  15. Scott_F

    Cheapest Place To Buy (CRF250)

    Nikki, are you Nikki Harris? I am looking for a killer deal on an '04 CRF 450. What Honda dealer did your friend get it at? Do you have any phone numbers for these dealers?