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  1. X2222222222.. keep the XR600 and bore and sleeve it to a 102mm slug.
  2. cyclewizard

    New Guys XR600R Resurrection

    What jets are you running in the ole gal now? Christian has been playing with his jetting lately I'm sure that he can help you along with Alaskajeff.... Them XR600 splines look really good it seems that they hold up better than the XR650 splines do, but then again the 600's are not driven on the tarmac either. loctite, I'll have to give that a try and see how well it works, I use the moly paste due to it's dry flim strength.
  3. Time to take her apart and look things over.
  4. There's no piston that's .030 over that I know of, probably .040 over. Try to richen the mixture and run some 93 in her. Yeah you may have a bad rod at 45K......
  5. cyclewizard

    CR125M Project

    The kids in the woods are cool..(.that thing is fast.).cute little buggers.........
  6. cyclewizard

    CR125M Project

    It's lasted darn near 40yrs now.........
  7. cyclewizard

    XR650L Hotcam Stage1 and 10.5:1

    That's so prudy...nice work TNR.......
  8. cyclewizard

    Any word if Powroll is delivering stroker cranks? TT500

    I can stroke your crank for you.
  9. cyclewizard

    Trinity Racing big bore kit

    Thanks TNR.........
  10. cyclewizard

    Trinity Racing big bore kit

    If you have a pumper carb it starts better, but when you turn the choke on the damn things won't crank. So give it a few squirts with the choke off and after it fires turn the choke on until it warms up.
  11. cyclewizard

    Cycle Wizard

    Shipping is 150.00
  12. cyclewizard

    Cycle Wizard

    Hello fella's I didn't see this but my contact info is cyclewizard@aol.com
  13. cyclewizard

    XL600 Sleeve

    The sleeve should only stick out .001 at the most, flush is the way it should be, mill the top of the barrel or your machinist could have counter bored the jug to the right depth. Diesel engines the sleeve sticks out .005 when using a cooper head gasket due to the 24.1 comp ratio and the material the gasket is formed from, with the multi layer gasket there is no need for the sleeve to be above deck.
  14. cyclewizard

    Trinity Racing big bore kit

    The 102 piston and a Hot cam with no decompressor may leave you stranded.
  15. cyclewizard

    RS600 engine on fleebay

    They were already tooled up for it too..makes no sense to me either.