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  1. The Thermostat are only on the Street Legal models... Hence, it is not needed for offroad/MX models... emissions only.
  2. Not entirely true my friend, the thermostat is there for emissions... You can remove it with the Tusk hose kit for the FX450.
  3. Just thought that I would post this up again in case someone missed it.
  4. crazybrother

    2018 Fe 501 backlight speedometer

    The computers are manufactured by TrailTech. Give them a call and maybe they can help you out.
  5. crazybrother

    Spare Parts: 2017 FE501

    Everything is gone guys.
  6. There are still options on the ECU mapping... PM's only please...
  7. crazybrother

    Spare Parts: 2017 FE501

    Mike, I still have the tail but without the turnsignals... They were taken by someone else. Let me know if you still want it? George.
  8. crazybrother

    2017 FX450? Need help

    Can someone with a 2017 FX450 check your stock TPS setting for me? I need a baseline to start some tuning with. Thanks.
  9. crazybrother

    Has anyone installed an ECU from a FX450 on a FE501/450?

    Latest info: I was finally able to hook up with my Dealer/Mechanic and we were able to get the New ECU loaded with the FX450 Mapping but it's not running smooth. Going to need to do some TPS adjusting and see what we got. First pic is the Map for the FX450 and the Second is the EU Map for the 501
  10. crazybrother

    Spare Parts: 2017 FE501

    Nor-Cal (Fairfield)
  11. crazybrother

    Spare Parts: 2017 FE501

    This is what happened to the last one that tried...:)
  12. crazybrother

    Spare Parts: 2017 FE501

    Does anyone need these? Free, just pick up or pay shipping. Stock exhaust and rear tail/lights from my 2017 Husky FE501.
  13. crazybrother

    GPS options on FE

    It's back all the way, I only used to plastic spacers between the metal bracket and the top triple clamp to look better with the pad on the bars. You can taylor it to your liking when you get it installed. Looks like OEM when it's done. My dealer has asked me to do a few for his customers...
  14. crazybrother

    GPS options on FE

    Just the bracket... If you need a spacer then use something from Home Depot...:)
  15. crazybrother

    GPS options on FE

    Here is the cable routing.