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  1. yzernie


    I don't know but he looked to be hurtin pretty good when they were helping him off the track. He did land like he was sitting down on a chair and that really exposed his back side. I'd say it is more than just a tailbone. I'm not a doctor or a nurse but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once!!
  2. yzernie


    Mitch Payton can be a complete ***hole to his employees. He is goal driven and when he doesn't get the results he wants he will be a dick to everyone in the company....but especially the riders who are failing to perform. Being 9 points behind isn't a very big gap that could easily be made up....if he starts riding smarter. That said, maybe there is some unknown with the bike or bike set up. I don't see how he could be so fast in qualifying if that were the case. IMO, I think he wants to win so bad to make Mitch happy that it over rides his common sense at race time.
  3. yzernie

    McGrath interview (thoughts on the season)

    Good article but slanted a bit to the green side...as expected. He only mentioned AC in the 250s but there is also a lot of talent in that class too.
  4. yzernie

    Kenny Knows

    The 3 race format throws a whole different strategy into it, especially with three 12 + 1 races. That's a lot of track time and laps for the night. We'll see who has been training the hardest!!
  5. It will be a night of the underdog. Maybe. LOL
  6. yzernie

    Supercross Bike Evolution

    I don't remember what year but Doug Henry only having 3 gears on his YZ426.
  7. yzernie

    Toby Price

    The guy is a man among men. Unbelievable he could complete a race like that with this injury.
  8. yzernie

    A2 Track Map

    Looks like another track that suits Baggett's style.
  9. History has shown that ET and KR are their own worst enemies. Can history change?
  10. Usually that would be correct. We need it badly, just poor timing. If the idiots running this state just allowed us ways to build, catch and retain the rain water it would be great.
  11. Mother Nature is rearing her ugly head the next couple days with a lot of rain in SoCal. The rain is supposed to stop on Thursday and that should give the track people enough time to get the track in good shape for the Saturday racing. Let's keep our fingers crossed they can get it done and it isn't another slop fest.
  12. yzernie

    Jason Needs That Mental Coach

    Dungy is still around the KTM/Husky shops. I'm told he has talked to RD and gotten advise but everyone is different. JA is a low profile guy and all of the hustle bustle and associated crap got into his head. I find it hard to fault the guy for that when his previous biggest requirements have been podium interviews and few other commitments during his non race days training. Should he have been better prepared?...I think so but until you walk a mile in someone else's shoes....
  13. yzernie

    Baggett = FMOTP

    He's shown better speed so far this year than in years past. I heard he changed up his training program and so far it looks like it has made a difference.
  14. yzernie

    Is everybody racing for 5th every week and the OA in May?

    IMO, it's a new season and these guys are still working on final bike set ups. I do think we are seeing more Dungy-esq types of riding. When JA got passed by BB there was no reason for him to push it with the lead he had on KR. He knew he had nothing for BB at that point so why keep pushing it and risk a potential catastrophic crash. It makes good sense to me. As has been said may times here, you have to be there at the end for a chance to win the O/A.
  15. yzernie

    Mike Genova Statement on Malcolm

    In some ways today's tracks are much safer than the tracks of years ago. Go back and look at some videos of SX in the 90's and take a look at the steep landings for the triples and almost straight drop offs from some of the "tabletops" as well as the slower and more technical tracks of that era. You shorted a triple then and it was a sure trip to the hospital. Granted, the bike technology of now is light years ahead of that era in time but IMO, it is the circus atmosphere of today's tracks that Feld wants to use to sell tickets.