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    dirtbikes, fishing, riding mx with my 20 year old son, trying to get my ex remarried

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  1. yzernie

    Peick Injury

    Holy crap. Haven't been on the .net for a few days and this just sucks. I hope he can have a good recovery from this. Not to minimize his injuries at all...this may be the opportunity Dean Wilson could take advantage of.
  2. yzernie

    Savatgy, Zacho, or Plessinger?

    Seems to me ZO has been flying under the radar compared to the other two. AP seems best suited to a 450 and he says he loves riding a 450 vs a 250. JS will do well until he has his patented melt down and get off(s). Hopefully he won't get hurt to bad. So, my pick.....I don't have a freaking clue!!
  3. yzernie

    Tickle Suspended

    What were they supposed to do? It's not like they can openly support it. And if anyone thinks the other top guys aren't using PEDs of some kind they have their heads in the sand. And you can bet Roczen is using his "Medical condition" to break all the rules. LOL
  4. yzernie

    Tickle Suspended

    5-methylhexan-2-amine, apparently an FIM/WADA banned stimulant.
  5. yzernie

    Tickle Suspended

    I've never looked for the answer. Was it ever released what he tested positive for?
  6. IMO, there are a lot of variable that make the test not really comparable in a bike for bike sense. - They did it on an open track day with riders of all skill levels on the track. That alone will have an effect on the lap times. - Did the bikes have stock suspension? Don't know but they looked soft for him. - Did the bikes have stock engines? No way of knowing that without insider info. - Did they 'modify' the bike they wanted to sell the most of to have better results in this test? No way of knowing. Overall it seemed pretty fair but after 50+ years of riding and racing dirt bikes I remain skeptical of their results. Just as an example, the G-Forces on the 250F have me wondering what happened.
  7. yzernie

    Tickle Suspended

    Jack and Coke. But usually I hate destroying a good whiskey with some other drink.
  8. yzernie

    Gas Monkey for Supercross 2019??

    But every time he goes to buy a nice old ride he always complains about the price and 'I haven't got that kind of money'. The last time I ever watched his show was when he went to buy some sweet old ride and pressured the old man into selling it to him for pennies on the dollar of his asking price. Never watched it again. That said, I do appreciate the fact he is putting some of his money into the industry and sport. Having more sponsors active in the sport is rarely a bad thing.
  9. yzernie

    Good Read: Bob Hannah Interview

    He had tons of heart and passion for the sport. Couldn't be thin skinned around that guy and that is how he got into people's heads. I wish someone like him was racing these days!!
  10. yzernie

    Tickle Suspended

    No one is saying he didn't get caught. What we are saying is the WADA system of delayed results and announcements is uncalled for.
  11. yzernie

    Izzi fully gone

    So much for his road to recovery. I find it sad that someone has the opportunity to get squared away and then pisses it all away.
  12. yzernie

    Izzi fully gone

    After he turns 18 he is an adult a responsible for himself. Until he turned 18 there should have been a parent(s), guardian or someone looking after him and tending to his affairs. IMO, if he had someone looking over him this may not have happened, or it may have happened anyway. The bottom line is you can't change history but you can certainly learn from it. If you're not willing to learn from the past you're future is doomed.
  13. yzernie

    Tickle Suspended

    You're right.
  14. yzernie

    Tickle Suspended

    IMO, the FIM should not be involved with US Supercross. This is just one example of why.
  15. yzernie

    I like dean BUT

    I was at Glen Helen a couple weeks ago and Deano was pounding out the laps and he was fast and smooth. It seemed like he was on the track for 45 minutes at a time. He was hauling ass but very careful with the slower riders (like me) !!