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    I am selling a S W Motech rear top rack for a KTM 690 Enduro R. It comes with an additional wider aluminum plate to strap the Tourmaster Elite tail bag to and all of the hardware. I replaced the rack with Tusk saddlebag supports and a Wolfman Expedition saddle bags set. Also, the top rack and additional plate are drilled for a four hole RotoPax bracket. Currently, the SW Motech rack is priced new at $187.95 and the Tourmaster Elite tail bag is shown new at $109.95. I will sell both items for $150.00 shipped to the CONUS and I take PayPal if that works for you. $150.00 shipped.........I prefer to sell everything together but can sell either item separately if needed. $55.00for the bag and $105.00 for the rack shipped to the CONUS only. Information here: https://www.tourmaster.com/inc/sdetail/elite_tail_bag/290/492 https://www.twistedthrottle.com/sw-...uro-07-for-givi-hepco-becker-krauser-topcases


    Waterloo, Illinois - US

  2. Normal..........ride it and change the oil frequently/every 1000 miles or so.
  3. waterloodrz

    The Hardest-To-Find Part In The World

    Wrong, the hardest part to find right now is the fuel pump gasket on my yet to be delivered Yamaha Super Tenere...............mine was found to be leaking gasoline when the bike was being set up for delivery.
  4. waterloodrz

    2009 DRZ400SM comuter bike 10,035 miles KABOOM !

    I'll sell you a complete great running DRZ400S for way less than the quoted $3500.00 an engine will cost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.thumpertalk.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=71189&title=2003-suzuki-drz400s&cat=2
  5. waterloodrz

    Tire Change

    Let it sit in the sun for a while........softens things up + lots of lube.
  6. waterloodrz

    Daystar Foork Boots?

    I just helped a friend install the Daystar fork boots on his '02 DRZ400S....fit great and look good.
  7. waterloodrz

    Valve check procedure?

    http://docta-zaius.freeservers.com/custom2.html http://www.pegmonkey.com/howto/valve_adjust/drz400
  8. waterloodrz

    Radiator hose "sleeve"

    I think a high performance car/truck center would have braided hose covering.
  9. waterloodrz

    How far have you gone?

    I've ridden the DRZ over 200 miles several times and that was enough for my 55 year old body.
  10. waterloodrz

    How high have you had your DRZs off-road?

    Over 12,000 ft on stock jetting with the air box snorkel out on my '03 DRZ400S. I run 15/46 gearing.
  11. waterloodrz

    Which way do I rotate crank to set TDC?

    Anti clockwise when facing the left side of the engine.
  12. waterloodrz

    GOLD chain? Black rims?

    If it is really clean it will look better than a yellow 2003 DRZ with dusty silver rims, DOT knobbies, and a gold Renthal chain. Just a little though!
  13. waterloodrz

    What were you riding when this came out?

    In 1971, I bought my first bike....a 1971 Blue and White Honda CB100. I rode it 4000 miles in eight weeks and traded/bought a new 1972 Honda SL125 in September 1971. That was 75+ bikes ago.
  14. waterloodrz

    rain water getting in muffler

    Put a small coffee can over it like farmers do for their tractors....someone steals it = nothing lost.
  15. waterloodrz

    Shimming valves - a couple of questions.

    They can be different in any cam change.....even if you swapped one set of "S" cams for another set of "S" cams................they could also be spot on/you won't know until the clearances are checked.