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  1. Rah-bo, I didn't change anything jetting-wise from using the stock pipe to the frankenpipe 150/230. It mostly suffered when cold and at lower rpms. I had to raise the idle a little from the stock pipe, but it ran just fine for what I was doing, and it is WAY quieter than stock and stock with the Db Dawg (which also works very nicely at toning it down).
  2. I love the oversized brake setup on the front. I bet it really pulls that beauty down from full-go to no in a blink of an eye. The combo saddlebag/accessory gas tank is hot too. The seat looks comfy, and it seems to have a nice rise and sweep at the bar. Does it have offset triples, of are my eyes decieving me? You left-coasters are bad asses:ride:
  3. Good one BC3...You got me:ride: Thanks for the insight guys. I'll keep working at it. I promise.
  4. I had someone there who was coaching. I know I would benefit hugely from more, I am just wondering if I would have an easier time of it if I were on a 125 or 250.
  5. I've got a sweet 150r, which I love in every way, that recently I have been learning to ride dirt with (I am a retired pro roadracer, only got dirty if I was crashing). I was out for my second time (jumping)yesterday and totally ate it on a 75 foot table top. The first day out I did well, I went slower and shorter distances and the bike always flew well. This time I was much more aggressive and actually tossed it twice doing the same thing. I was basically nearly vertical (OK, I was vertical) for what seemed like the entire time I was airborne. Several people witnessed the last one and all mutually suggested I might look at a larger bike for this type of activity. I got this for supermoto, which it is set up for, so has flat bars, offset triples, cut seat, racetech sm suspension both ends for my weight. I'm wondering if I'm too heavy and old to be on something with such a short wheelbase in the dirt. I'm not tall, sadly, only about 5'6", but close to 180lbs (oink oink). Maybe I was just trying too hard. How far are you more mature fellas jumping these things? Thanks all! Sparks
  6. What width rims are you using and what size and brand tires? Have you also run 17's and found there to be a big difference? Thanks 5150! Sparks
  7. Here's another. http://www.supermotojunkie.com/showthread.php?t=3557&page=43 If the link doesn't work, look at Supermotojunkie under the mini pictures on the last page. Later! Sparks
  8. Tell us about the clutch casing. Where would one get such a thing? Sounds handy. That's a trick 150 you got there. How do you like the frame?
  9. Is that a BBR frame? Pretty bad-ass Hawkins.
  10. When the time comes to replace the piston, does it make sense to put in new valves and cam? Eventually I plan to race sm, but right now I put maybe 10hrs a month on it just putting around. It gets very good maintenance. How far do you think I can stretch the piston life since I am not doing any racing, or really much extended high rpm riding at all? I am not sure I need extra performance at the moment. Probably would be happy with a bit more oomph down low if anything, but again, that's because I mostly cruise the hood and a teeny tiny track nearby. If we replace the piston only, is there any benefit to getting one with a higher compression if I don't put in a different cam? I prefer pump gas now, but will run race fuel and a race pipe when I race it. Thanks in advance for your input all!!! Also, Mikeinwi, I loved your USAir video. I am from Chicago originally. It's nice to see things still rock in the Midwest!! Thanks! Sparks
  11. UPDATE! I finally got around this past weekend to taking the 230 pipe over to the welder to get Frankenstein'd on. Thanks Nick for sending the pipe on. I appreciate it, as do my neighbors. While it still makes plenty of noise when on the boil, it is much quieter at lower revs. It doesn't seem like it likes to run as well as it did, but I knew that was comin'. What we did was got a donor stock pipe and chopped the pipe off. That allowed us to pretty quickly get it done and used the stock hanger. We hacked off the 230 pipe and tacked it up on the now mounted stock pipe. It is definitely not pretty, may never be, and probably doesn't run that great because I did something bad I don't yet know about, BUT, it runs, and I still like it. Now, if I could only find a way to quiet down the 230 pipe a little.....
  12. I have both ends out to Race Tech as we speak. Can't wait to get it back. I think having the sag right and fooling with the clickers will be a good place to start. I am way too heavy for stock springs, and changing from stock up to the right spring, in my case also means changing the valving so it is effective with those springs. Race Tech did my roadrace suspension back in the day and it made all the difference. The valves are effective and not too expensive, so I'd say go for it. If nothing else, it will give you both a sense of confidence knowing that the suspension is as good as it can be for the rider. As she gets faster you/she will need to adapt the damping to match. Start in the middle of everything and send her on a short loop, change something, write down what you did, i.e; 6 clicks compression, 5 clicks rebound f and rear, send her off again, change it a little, write it down, rinse and repeat. The key to using your suspension best is learning what one click can do. Don't click everything at once either. Best to stick with one initially and see what it does throughout its range, then go back to the middle and move on to a different clicker until you have done each one. Once you are there you can refer back through your copious notes and mix and match til you think she is is fast as she can be. Clickers are fun;)
  13. My number is 843-684-1313 and e is chip@brokersre.com. What are you looking for from the 230 pipe? Do you know how hard it will be to convert, and can I use the head pipe from the 150? Thanks!! Chip
  14. Big props for your work on the 230 conversion. I just picked up a 150r yesterday and first ride had my neighbor all over me. Did you simply convert the 230 slip-on to fit the 150 header pipe? I live in an area that is particularly intolerant of everything fun. My kids have a JR50 that is whisper quiet even at full pop. How is the 230 pipe working out now that you've had it for a while? Any chance that you could fabricate another? Thanks again
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