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  1. stock134

    Need to sell my bike asap

    thanks for the link
  2. stock134

    Need to sell my bike asap

    then hear is some info on the bike Bike is very clean. Its a 2006 Rm250 last year for the great suzuki 2 strokes. Bike is extremely fast, will run with 450's in a straight line until it runs out of gear. It is Dave Bowmans old bike, the owner of tech care so it has the top of the line tech care suspension on it. Has full tech care suspension with sub chambers on the forks, pro taper cr hi bars, galfer floating front rotor, sdg seat, hi pressure rad cap, excel wheels, asv f3 clutch lever,RG3 Billet upper and lower triple clamps $$$, pro circuit platinum pipe with a 304 factory sound muffler, Newer clutch plates basket, and inner hub. The motor runs very strong pulls hard in every gear. Im sure theres more im forgetting. Do not want to sell it but loss of job and vehicle are forcing me to. this bike is my baby and its well taken care of. Would like to sell it by monday. Its priced to go, could easily get close to $3k for this bike. email stock134@hotmail.com for pics
  3. stock134

    Need to sell my bike asap

    Lost my job and losing my vehicle so it has to go. I know you shouldnt post it in here but i figured the suzuki 2 stroke section on TT would be the best place
  4. stock134

    Need to sell my bike asap

    its a 2006 rm250 full race bike. need it gone by monday priced to go pm me for more info
  5. stock134

    Todd Potter on Bubba's Worlk

    damnit i dont have fuse
  6. stock134

    Lets see The Rm's

    i want those graphics for my 06 250. Where'd you get them?
  7. stock134

    Todd Potter on Bubba's Worlk

    its on SPEED channel
  8. stock134

    ATF question

    whats the reasoning for this?
  9. stock134

    ATF question

    I used to use castrol 10w40 in my klx mod bike with a hydro clutch. Ive heard people saying this but never noticed a slip in my clutch
  10. stock134

    My supercross section

    shoot me a text when your out there i may stop by
  11. stock134

    Lets See Them Rims

    How is it holding up on the rim?
  12. stock134

    My New Xr50 Pit Bike

    That bike doesnt have fork seals. All it is in there is fork spings and a bushing.
  13. stock134

    My supercross section

    Looks good marc. Yo guys riding at all this week? id like to come check it out
  14. stock134

    ATF question

    i bought regulsr atf not the type f. does it make a difference?
  15. stock134

    What premix brand do you use?

    i noticed that also. When the motor is cooler its definetly fatter then once its up to operating temp