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  1. holden77

    New kx450 clacking???

    I think it’s the fuel injection system making the noise your referring to. I’ve had 3 injected kx 450s and they all make a little racket right of idle.
  2. holden77

    Recommended Swing Arm Chain Adjuster Repair

    I would run a m8 tap through first and see where your at. if the threads don’t hold when you Lock up the adjuster bolt, helicoil it. I had to helicoil both sides on a kx 450 a few years ago. Either way use plenty of neverseize or water proof grease on the threads.
  3. holden77

    Kx 250 af build.

    Put a couple of hours on the bike yesterday and came away pretty impressed. Need to do some fine tuning on the jetting but the motor was very strong off the bottom and mid and flattened out quickly up top, pretty much exactly how I remember them back in the day. Just got to keep changing up gears and it rips. Definitely stronger than my 06 CR250. Did a fair amount of tweaking with the stock suspension and got it rideable but could really do with valving changes to get that initial plushness. Best part is the handling, it has maintained the stability these kx450s are known for but turns much better, dunno if it’s the lack of engine braking or lighter weight but it changes direction really easy. With a little more tweaking this thing will be awesome.
  4. holden77

    Kx 250 af build.

    Finally got this thing finished up. Test ride tomorrow
  5. holden77

    Kx 250 af build.

    On the service Honda frames i have seen, the engine cradle is made from 3 seperate machined billet sections welded together, so yeah they would be solid aluminium. Probably not done for strength so much as ease of manufacture. You a right in being concerned about loss of strength in the haz's though. I run my front engine mounts right up to the y section to stiffen up the tubing and plate the y section up onto the down tube. A rigid head stay is a must too. Some of the 4 stroke frame conversions I see are seriously lacking here. My favourite conversion is to leave the stock rails in place and fab a custom y section from plate, but depending on the build it isn't always possible. The bottom pics are of a kx500af I built using an 07 kx450 f frame
  6. holden77

    Kx 250 af build.

    The lower rails are 6061 t6 tube. I think the 250f frame would probably work well for your conversion as the cradle would be shorter front to back than the 450 frame I used. This will help for pipe clearance around the y section area. Now to sort out an air boot and radiators.
  7. holden77

    Kx 250 af build.

    Cheers for the feed back guys. The bike is a 2012 kx 450 that I picked up for a steal a couple of years back. I’ve built a few cr500 af’s and one kx 500 af so i wanted to do a 250 this time. Turns out it has been the trickiest one yet. The stock y section was removed and installed higher and the opposite way round, allowing the lower frame rails to tuck in closer to the engine, ( the 2 stroke 250 engine is a lot shorter than the 450f). This gave enough clearance to run a stock pipe. No mods at all needed. Lower rails were replaced from the pegs up to the relocated y section and obviously some new engine mounts had to be fabricated. I lucked out with the headstay and bought a kit off eBay for a cr500af and it fit perfectly. Had to use a 2004 head though with the rear facing headstay mount.
  8. holden77

    Kx 250 af build.

    Hi guys, thought I'd share my current project bike build with you guys, and ask the resident kx250 gurus for some motor advice. I really wanted to use a 05-07 motor , turns out there hard to come across so I had to settle for an older model. I purchased a good low hour 2002 complete lower end , and settled on a 2000 top end carb and ignition. I had a new 2000 kx 250 back in the day and have fond memories of that power plant so the plan is to keep it pretty close to stock. Any one had any experience with boyesen rad valve or v force reeds on these or am I better off staying with the standard reed valve? Do the Oem pistons hold up or am I better of going with something else? I'll post up some more pics along the way
  9. holden77

    Crf450rx 2017

    Awesome looking machine. I like the body work/ plastics. Not too over the top futuristic looking. And spring showa forks!!! yesss
  10. holden77

    Welding Frame- TIG filler rod

    If your not going to post weld heat treat, use the 5356 filler
  11. holden77

    Could it be true?

    How many threads are you going to start asking the same question? Mate, no one can tell you when your crank or piston will let go...I recommend you follow your local race engine builders advice and change those cranks out at 60 hours. You will soon get tired of throwing away $ and perfectly good cranks and realise you could safely double that interval.
  12. holden77

    2012-ON 450 f help!

    kx 450s wear pretty well in my experience. I use mine in the desert, so they see a fair amount of high rpm use . I do pistons at 75 hours and timing chain at the second piston change. I tend to change bikes out at around 200 hours so ive never put a crank in any of my kx 450s. For low rpm trail riding I wouldn't bother doing a top end till at least 100 hours.
  13. holden77

    Kxf 450 help?

    I made the switch from crf 450s to kx 450s in 2012. Mainly because im 6'2" and the 09 onwards crfs just feel too small for me. Ive had 2x 2012 kx450fs and currently own a 08 and a 2015. The only real problem I have had is a blown head gasket on one of the 2012s at around 30 hrs , the rest have been very reliable. My main issue with the kawis is the quality of some of the bolt on parts. The chain guide and sliders are complete junk, 7/8 bars on a 2015 model bike???? the handgrips suck.. nothing that a few $ in aftermarket parts wont fix but still worth noting
  14. holden77

    06 kx450f from synthetic oil back to regular oil?

    Why would the 06 kx450 not like synthetic oil???? Run what ever oil floats your boat, but I would be using up that free synthetic first.. Motul is good stuff.
  15. holden77

    Lowered foot pegs for 06-08 kx 450

    AS an offroad /desert bike, its great. Very stable, plenty of power and doesn't eat chain sliders like the newer kxfs.. I think the newer ones do make better moto bikes though.Starting seems to be fine, even with the 13:1 piston and stage 2 cams