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  1. JBFL

    Motocross tracks near Clewiaton

    Florida Cycle Park.
  2. JBFL

    Best cheap and easy 2 stroke mods?

    Correct jetting and squish.
  3. JBFL

    hot rods breaking

    Same exact thing on my kids 2006 YZ250, no heat at all in the cage or little end. Not a spec of discoloration anywhere. Been using Hot Rods for near 10 years now, sent everything back to them. They did make things right, they sent a complete rebuild kit top and bottom for half of what I could have shopped hard on ebay for. Still a loyal customer.
  4. JBFL

    Race Fuel

    If you're going to run fuel with ethanol "keep it full". Read up on the effects of that crap and how it occurs.
  5. JBFL

    How to tell if I have a Big Bore Kit?

    Excuse me, never ever take the initiative to do any work yourself. Find someone who will make you wait and charge you to do a 30 second task you could have done yourself. And heaven forbid buying anything other than the most expensive tool made. Some guys kill me, been doing this 20 years (cars, karts, bikes) and seem to be doing just fine.
  6. JBFL

    Basics of motocross racing?

    Rule #1 Make it fun.
  7. JBFL

    How to tell if I have a Big Bore Kit?

    This would work. http://www.harborfreight.com/4-inch-digital-caliper-47256.html
  8. 02' & later, 99 to 01' will work but kickstarter shaft size is different I believe. I've been down this road twice with our 06'. I used 02' cases a few months ago and just had another crank failure and found some 07' cases on ebay. They are hard to find right now.
  9. JBFL

    Tusk Impact hubs and spokes

    I'd recommend the Tusk wheels, our wheel was an "extreme case" (literally). Rear wheel hit the top 2' of the jump face, it was a table table about 75', his face smashed the cross bar pad is how hard it hit. I just re-ordered the Tusk rim and spokes to go back on the same hub, that's how confident I am in them.
  10. JBFL

    Yz 125 with Athena big bore 144 HELP

    Yeah if I would have run 50 to 1 on this 144 it might have lasted a few laps! Back when he was 14 and 1st month after getting off supermini's. I've learned by trial and error with my kid, parts get expensive so you better have a good tune on the motor, to last and be competitive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tGC2mRqdDc So much misinformation here. Ratio has a part, Squish has a part, heat and humidity (adjusted altitude) has a part, flash point has a part. Yeah put a 460 in that thing and get a cup to catch the spooge.
  11. JBFL


    Rumor I heard training facility only or "private".
  12. JBFL

    Tusk Impact hubs and spokes

    They do break, and hub must have Tusk spokes. Extreme circumstance but Jake came up short on a big jump and broke 20 spokes and waffled the rim, hub held up fine.
  13. JBFL


    Dean is going to run Bithlo.
  14. JBFL

    What ratio should I run in my 2006 yz250?

    7000? You can't breath that high! LOL I"ll keep my kid at the sweaty assed lowland sand tracks around here. 7000 feet............damn!
  15. JBFL

    What ratio should I run in my 2006 yz250?

    175 main clip in 2nd 48 pilot. Real high elevation you can go to a 172.