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  1. fitnessguy

    2012 KTM 300xc vs 2008 YZ 250

    My first KTM was a 2011 300 XC. I've owned and ridden mostly YZ and RM 250's for most of my life with the terrible exception of an 09' CRF 450. The power on the 300 is stronger from bottom to top in comparison to all of my previous bikes. Like any bike, when you swap between models it feels different. In the racing I've done my 300 consistently chews up just about everyone in a dead on drag race. I did a new top end in the middle of the season and rode scared for a month because the boost is crazy! The worst start I had for the entire season is 3rd. Here's a link to a few of the starts I pulled. http://www.youtube.com/user/RealFitnessGuy/videos If you can't go fast on a modern KTM 300 - it's you and not the power of the bike.
  2. fitnessguy

    ktm 300 anyone got one?

    Use a DB Snorkel like I do and sound is not an issue
  3. fitnessguy

    Have you seen these? pretty trick

    You mean your mechanic hasn't already installed a set? Seriously!!
  4. fitnessguy

    2012 300 xc reckluse auto clutch!!

    I have a Core EXP and I really like it. In fact I have never touched my clutch lever since I purchased it. The drawback is you can whiskey throttle yourself into oblivion if you get careless, tired or try running alongside it while getting through a pile up. You'll be faster for sure.
  5. fitnessguy

    I need a stock rear spring for a 300xc

    +1 for trying more race sag. I went to 108mm because I'm racing GP's and 105 didn't leave adequate travel in the shock so it felt real stiff but if I went 110ish it would push the front end and bottom to hard off of larger jumps. I settled on 108mm. There was a recent article in one of the magazine's about Enduro Engineering reworking a 300 XC suspension. They went with an 8.0 and wished they'd run a 7.6. Might wanna read that.
  6. fitnessguy

    I need a stock rear spring for a 300xc

    I run a 7.2 and wish I had listened to earlier advice to run a 7.6 on my 2011. I weigh about 188 and with the 7.2 it's a stretch to get 108mm of sag.
  7. fitnessguy

    KTM Swing Arm Pivot Bearings Help!!!!

    Start checking under benches and so on - somethings missing. Just let your mechanic put it back together for you, there good at that sorta thing.
  8. fitnessguy

    Pro X vs. Wiseco Piston

    I used a Vertex kit and it worked great. The added boost was eye opening at first
  9. I don't think there is any rule for jetting, I would wait until after the race if you feel like the bike is jetted correctly with the stock stuff. Then you can ride them back to back. Fresh plug and so on.
  10. Did you install it and ride it? I'm guessing your weather has changed and it might help to ballpark the jetting before your first ride.
  11. fitnessguy

    Lower gearing 2011 300XC

    I tried a 13 and went back to the 14. If you like to shift constantly then you'll prefer the 13. Save your $$$ for a Rekluse clutch and the idea of steep, poor traction and tight single-track becomes a non-issue.
  12. fitnessguy

    Who has gotten seriously hurt by....

    The only thing worse would have been breaking your balls!!
  13. fitnessguy

    300 XC fuel range?

    I've gone about 50 miles in racing conditions and had only a splash left in the tank at the end. Never an issue trail riding, but you have to watch it for any longer races.
  14. fitnessguy

    Who has gotten seriously hurt by....

    Zilla - you have to open the throttle all the way though in order for it to stick open
  15. fitnessguy

    I need a shock for 2011 300XC mine exploded!

    If you have to replace the shock, I would be looking at the quality after market pieces that are out there. It'll probably cost you the same or even less.