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  1. deeman

    Latest Opinions on Ride Royal Blue?

    I wanted to follow-up on our ride. As I mentioned, we rode Hatfield McCoy 5 or 6 times - mainly Indian Ridge & Pocahontas - and this trail system (North Cumberland trails) was very good and very, very comparable with HM Trails. 80% of the trails were so similar you would have thought you were in HM. We will be back in April - I am hoping we don't visit after a rain storm.
  2. Hard to say. If you are very familiar with the ATV and truly know what it should feel like to pull start it and it is indeed difficult it could be a bearing in the engine. If the ATV is newer to you and your not sure what "normal" is, understand that in winter all your bearings and oil will be thick as honey and will be more difficult to pull. One option is to place a small electric heater near (under) the engine to warm it up. Still difficult? If so, my not be good and you'll need to tear into the engine. Things like your crankshaft bearing, piston rings, pin or bearings may be bad. Good thought on really checking your fluids too - if there is somehow too much oil or coolant in your oil it will be difficult. And lastly, the most obvious, it's not in gear is it? Good luck!
  3. deeman

    Can someone please help me?

    You're getting great advice. I can't tell if the carb slide is really dirty or it has carbon residue on it. In terms of this dirty slide telling us something revealing about the engine - I honestly don't know. It's great you are observing things like this as you clean it up. Keep cleaning and observing!
  4. deeman

    Any tips on keeping dry in XC races?

    Agree on the Frog Togs. They are really impressive for the price point and they breathe which the PVC stuff won't. There are several levels of Frog Togs you can pick from, I think one of the higher lines offer a 100% replacement if they tear. The only slight disadvantage is they don't compress very well for packing down- this is key for trail riding. if you don't have a lot of storage its something to consider.
  5. deeman

    A-Arm Protection needed?

    Awesome suggestion and great feedback, thanks! Where did you get your HD plastic/ vinyl?
  6. I recently got a new sport quad and it does not have the aluminum A-Arm skid/ protectors. Are these really needed? I can see a protector for the rear sprocket or engine is needed but I can't understand what the purpose of the A-Arm protectors protect against. I've seen posts where people say the A-Arm protectors just get loaded with mud which makes sense since they can't fall through the A-Arms. Thoughts?
  7. deeman

    What to begin with?

    Geeze SBest, you are the type of guy that makes forums so beneficial. I think it's awesome how your taking so much time to help a young-gun. I am sure your generosity will be remembered and hopefully payed-forward at some point. Alexander, you are obviously in very capable hands. Be nice to Sbest and treat him well! My first reaction to your post had me thinking, "we don't know what things are wrong with your quad" so we can't tell you where to start. Take time to check all areas of the quad to see what seems suspicious. If you have a noise or issue I am sure this forum will be able to help. Good luck Alexander!
  8. Hello - I need to get some Nerf bars for a KFX450. I see there are two options. First is a complete replacement of the stock heel guards and foot pegs or just nerf bars that attach to the forward portion of the foot pegs. The quad already has heel guards, I think the OEM stock heel guards. I am leaning towards just the forward part of the footpegs but I am curious if there are any major drawbacks to this option. Here is a forward part of the foot peg nerf bars:
  9. I have been riding dirt bikes on trails (no dunes or racing) and sold my bike - it was too much maintenance. I have decided to get a sport quad for trails riding in the woods. It will be a mainly medium speed (2nd/3rd gear stuff) with a mix of muddy spots, hard pack and sand. Typical Michigan trails. I am looking for a quad that handles nicely without many mods needed and is reliable which is why I am leaning strongly to the Suzuki LTZ400. I know the 400 Zuke engine is super reliable and I am looking at models 2009 -2013 in order to get fuel injection and reverse. I also considered the 400EX but most of the comparisons have indicated the Z400 handles much better and the ergonomics and ride are just better. I also thought about a 660 or 700 Raptor but the extra power is not really needed for the trails I ride. Am I missing any other models that could be contenders based on my preferences? Thanks!!!
  10. deeman

    Suzuki Winch for Sport Quad?

    Hey guys! I am thinking about getting a Zuke LTZ400 Sport Quad. My only hesitation is that I ride in some muddy areas on occasion and I want to be prepared in case I get stuck in some mud. I don't see many sport quads with winches, are they impractical or ?? Thanks!
  11. deeman

    Latest Opinions on Ride Royal Blue?

    Okay, thanks for the response! I am hoping it's worth the trip. Any other thoughts?
  12. We have rode Hatfield McCoy for about the last 5 years and wanted to switch things up a bit. We have heard Ride Royal Blue and the North Cumberland trails were very fun to ride. We have both quads and bikes in our group. We plan to ride April or May. Any opinions on this trail system? Thanks!
  13. I was doing some updates to my bike and decided to install a new Acerbis chain slider which wraps the front of the swing arm right near the front sprocket. I can't for the life of me get the slider to stretch enough to line back up with the install holes on the swingarm. It's not short by much but enough to prevent me from starting a bolt to secure it. Any suggestions? It's a 2005 KTM 200 EXC. Thanks!
  14. I will bump this thread for some observations from a ride this past weekend. First off, my expectations of the Michigan ORV trails are VERY high since the state felt it could justify increasing the ORV permits to more than double the previous years. I DO expect they maintain the trails – especially at this rate! We had some downed trees which I will report. My biggest gripe is the massive timber harvesting they are doing through the trail systems. The huge drawback of this logging is that trails which were once beautiful, hard-pack sections in forested areas are now crappy, sandy, dusty sections! By removing the trees beside the trails it removes the shade provided to the dirt which drastically changes the quality and character of the trails. So the state is pimping out the logging rights and significantly raising the rates of the ORV permits and the ORV riders are getting screwed. Can’t the state mandate that the loggers leave some foliage up in order to protect the trails which they generate $$$$ from? Or does the state not give a darn?
  15. I needed to remove my rear tire and after cranking on the aluminum cap nut for awhile it seems that the axle must have broke the bond with the spacer nut. I now have the axle with the cap nut. I guess I may have torqued the cap nut too hard or the axle seized. Is this common?