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  1. In 1986 & 87 the frame was white. 1984 & 85 it was red.
  2. Thanks for your response. I will check on the jets.
  3. Sounds like a bent shifting fork in the transmission or a damaged shift shaft. Good luck getting any help on this forum. I guess FB has killed it too. I have made a few posts lately and all I got in response was crickets.
  4. I recently picked up a 2004 250. It needed a few small repairs and it is now rideable. It appears that the muffler and airbox have both been opened up a bit which I read here that is a common mod for better power. It runs pretty good but I have noticed that the engine will occasionally cough and stall, usually at lower speeds (1st or 2nd gear). I increased the idle and that helps to prevent that problem but I am wondering if this is a common issue with the DRZ 250? I remember that the 1998 and 99 Yamaha YZ400's use to do the same thing and was referred to as "flameout". If there is a fix for this let me know. I like a bike that will run good at low RPMs for technical riding. Also I have read that this bike uses some parts from earlier model Suzuki RM's. I will need to replace the rear wheel at some point and would like to know if a wheel from a different Suzuki will work like the DRZ400 or RM250, etc. Those are way more common than the DRZ250. Also if anyone has a service manual I would like to know what type of fork oil and how much for this bike. It is the dirt only USA model if that matters. Thanks.
  5. I was wondering if anyone has ever used muffler from some other bike on the 250? For example an OEM muffler that was aluminum from a MX bike. I am just looking for weight savings on a budget. If someone has done this let me know which model bike and if any modifications were required. I have a lot of riding buddies with race bikes and I am sure they have some stock pipes sitting around.
  6. You should contact JD jetting and talk to someone about this or just by the Alba jet kit for you Z.
  7. I have a set that are brand new, but not in the plastic that I would like to sell. These should fit 1977 XR75 through 1984 XR80 & 100. I thought that I would offer them to one of you before going to ebay. Send me a PM if interested. I can email photos if interested. Thanks.
  8. 2011 ktm 300 xcw 6 days with a rear trials tire, EE tall soft seat, steering damper, flex bars, EE set up suspension, fully paid for. Just a dream for now but my 05 ktm has most of this and works pretty good.
  9. NorthCarolina

    Had a good time on the 31st with Dover, Blur and my regular crew. The snow with my X11 TT was sketchy at times but I never crashed so i guess it worked fine. The drive up the snow coverd dirt road was quite a challange in my civic pulling my bike. I had to do it rally car style but I made it to the parking lot, just barely.
  10. Wow! Every now and then quads try to eat ya!
  11. I will double check the wires. I looked and did not see any thing but I will look again.
  12. I have a 05 250 exc that is occassionally shocking me when I use the clutch & front brake levers. I recently changed the handle bars and added a gpr damper and this shocking started after that. I do have a headlight and kill switch as well as the remote odo/spedo control. I unplugged everything and the shock went away. Any thoughts on what might be the bad actor here?
  13. Take that 84/85 xr200r engine to the scrap metal yard because that is all it is good for. Worst engine that honda ever made. Find a later model xr200r (2 valve single carb) with a good engine and put it and the carb/airbox onto that 1984 chasis and ride it forever.
  14. Post this in the XR80-200 section under honda. I believe that you loosen the the nut a few turns while the engine is running at idle. Let it idle for a few seconds and then retighten the the nut. Post as I said to be certain.
  15. I have been considering the Harbor freight lift. I need to know how it works with atv's and also how tall is it when fully lowered? I have a wooden work stand that works great but it is heavy to move and I was hopping to be able to park my car in the garage over the hf stand when lowered. Anyone tried this?