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  1. Kaptain

    09vs08, 450vs510, tc or txc ? newb help

    I just purchased an 06 TE510 and in only a few days I am wondering how I ever lived without electric start. I used to be a weight freak and laughed at people with e-starts. Awesome, and I love this bike
  2. Kaptain

    How to mount passenger pegs on a TE510

    wow, thanks so much. I see am missing a couple of little clamp parts so that was messing me up. Also, my foot pegs are on the brackets upside down, no wonder I couldn't figure it out.... Thanks again
  3. Hi all, I just bought an 06 TE510 (awesome bike, love it so far). Anyway once in a while I want to put my wife on the back and just explore the desert. I have the passenger pegs and brackets but can't figure out how they go on. Does anyone have a picture or an explanation? I would really appreciate it.
  4. Kaptain

    Not a Chad ReeD Fan anymore!

    I was glad to see the passion for winning. Chad is a solid racer who shows up every race. What was up with Stewart giving up after the crash? When they interviewed him he didn't say anything about bike problems. He just rode at the back of the pack through the race. Reed would never do that. I'm impressed with his passion.
  5. Kaptain

    250F shootout - old news?

    Yup, that SL100 is a screamer! Actually, it's a little bit dead right now. I'm converting it to use a carb from a newer XR80 since the SL's is shot. I will say, in terms of reliability, those old XR's and SL's were amazing. I remember my first 1975 XR75. My friends and I rode it all day every day and never even checked the oil. Amazing.
  6. Kaptain

    250F shootout - old news?

    I loved what MXA had to say. They said that if the Honda's and some of the rest had made it to market first the four-stroke revolution might have never caught on due to the mechanical failures and high cost of maintenance. The Yamaha's reliability fueled the changes. They made a good point. If the first year Honda's, Kawasuki's etc. had come first people may have gotten discouraged.
  7. Kaptain

    How do you know if your crank is going out??

    If it is really noise from your crank, you need to pull it all apart and check the bearings. Make sure it is not noise from the valve train, such as the cam chain gear down below. I have an 02 that really hooked the teeth on the lower cam chain gear and it made a lot of noise. Are we talking about a whirring noise, banging noise, or grinding noise? Regardless, it's a lot cheaper to tear it all down now and check it out than to do it after a crank goes....
  8. Man, what a sweet bike. I'm riding an 05 250F now but the tests on the new 450 are all saying the thing feels about as light as a 250F. It's beautiful in yellow. Pretty tempting. Wish I could have both but I might make the move. Unfortunately the new models have put a big dent in resale value on the pre-aluminum models.
  9. Kaptain

    I Done, 250f to 06 yz125!!!!

    I went from an 02 250F to an 05 YZ125 and then to an 05 YZ250F. I loved the 125 for a while and even won my series on it, but in the end I returned to the 250F. That's not a knock on the 125. If I could afford to have both I would, and if I was only riding on the track I may have kept the 125. I ride in the desert some as well and out there it's tough to beat the 250F. On the track I liked the 125 because I could go crazy and not feel like I was going to kill myself. You can get clear sideways in the whoops and still pull out of it somehow. I miss that.
  10. Kaptain

    YZ250F Reliability?

    Last night a friend of mine was in town and thinking about getting back into riding. He asked me what the best 250F was. I'm not a brand-layalty fanatic or anything. I have Hondas and Yamahas. However, I just took him through several pages of post on the Thumpertalk Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki/Kawasaki to look at what the post subjects were. After seeing that the others are made up of many "valve problem" or "blown engine" type of threads where the Yamaha forum is generally "what type of tire do you use" type of threads, he was settled on the Yamaha. I've said before, they are all so close in performance and handling that it really does come down to reliability (IMHO), unless you have a lot more time and money than I do.
  11. Kaptain


    Good point Sunruh, wouldn't want any of that eastern influence in my Yamaha! Hotcams are awesome. I have them in my 02 and will put them in my 05 when I can afford it. A lot of people run them and I have never heard of a Hotcam failure.
  12. Kaptain

    Who cares...

    However, if the YZ had won all the shootouts we would all be going "yahoo!" so let's be honest, it's not about magazine shootouts but I also don't buy into them being bribed. I think they are human and they are all buddies. I also think that they often make up their mind ahead of time. A good example of this is KTM always getting a bad shake. I've ridden them through the years and they are great bikes. I've said this elsewhere, part of the issue is that nowadays all of the bikes are so close that the difference between 1st and 4th in a shootout usually comes down to a few quirky and subjective things. Eveyone says "put Ricky on any of them and he would win". True, and it's also true to say that you could put me on any of them and my results wouldn't be any different. A "middle of the pack guy" no matter what. All that considered and the deciding factor should be reliability, so we know which one to buy.....
  13. Kaptain

    Dissapointed: Yzf rated 4th in shoot out

    Ya, I think it's easy to miss the point that in performance and handling the bikes are all so close now that it comes down to little, subjective differences. In the old days, and I am old enough to know, there was quite a bit of difference in brands during any model year. Now the difference between 1st and 4th in a shootout comes down to things most of us wouldn't even notice, or certainly wouldn't agree on. I buy yamaha because I trust their reliability. The difference in terms of handling is so close that it comes down to suspension set-up more than anything. The motors are all close, with the Yamaha right in the mix. Ride what you can love..... (I'm talking about bikes here)
  14. Kaptain

    2002 yz250f ups and downs?

    I have an 02 and an 05 YZF. I love the 05 but frankly it's not a quantum leap better or anything like that. Of course my 05 is stock and my 02 has mods, most notably suspension tuning. The 02 is a great bike and is still plenty competitive. I've been amazed with it's reliability. Definitely get the 03 cam though. You will see this in many messages on the forum about used bikes.... knowing how it was maintained is key. These things get expensive in a hurry if the guy didn't keep the oil changed.
  15. Kaptain

    MX terminology

    That's why those "other" bikes are referred to as "valve grinders"